Comprehensive Victory: Korea Blankets Singapore 4-0 in Asian Games Hockey Opener


The curtain raiser for the Women’s Hockey competition at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 witnessed a domineering performance by Korea as they trounced Singapore 4-0 in a Pool A encounter at the Gongshu Canal Sports Park Stadium here today.

As the players marched onto the field, the ambiance resonated with the fervor and expectations synonymous with the games. The match kicked off at 10:15 am, with Korea, guided by Coach Han Jin Soo, showcasing a well-oiled gameplay right from the first quarter.

Though the first quarter saw a relentless Korean attack, the Singaporean defense held firm, keeping the score at a stalemate. The tension was broken in the second quarter when Kang Jina (#9) pierced through Singapore’s defense, scoring a brilliant field goal in the 16th minute. The momentum further swung in Korea’s favor when Park Seungae (#18) doubled the lead with another field goal at the 20th minute mark. The Korean team continued to encircle the Singaporean D, with Cho Hyejin (#11) further denting Singapore’s hopes with a goal in the 34th minute. Entering the final quarter with a formidable 3-0 lead, Korea showed no signs of complacency. Pak HoJeong (#27) landed another blow with a field goal in the 42nd minute, consolidating Korea’s position and setting the final score at 4-0.

The total of 18 penalty corners awarded to Korea compared to none for Singapore underscored the attacking nature of Korea’s gameplay, and their stringent defense which Singapore found impenetrable. The remarkable teamwork and strategy of the Koreans were evident as they systematically dismantled the Singaporean defense.

A noteworthy aspect of the match was the well-distributed scoring by the Korean players, exhibiting a balanced team effort. The quartet of goal scorers reflected a well-rounded team performance that bodes well for their campaign ahead.

Coach Han Jin Soo and Manager Kim Yoon could be seen appreciating the team’s effort and the crowd reciprocated with roaring applause as the final whistle blew. On the flip side, Coach Viner David and Manager Tay Siu Hua of Singapore were seen rallying their troops, undoubtedly to discuss and rectify the day’s shortcomings.

This convincing victory projects Korea as a formidable force in the tournament, with other contenders surely taking note of their tactical gameplay and robust defense. As the Women’s Hockey competition unfolds, this match will be reflected upon as a testament to Korea’s powerful entry into the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.

With the hockey fraternity buzzing post this stellar performance, all eyes now turn to the upcoming fixtures. The dream of clinching the coveted gold is alive and the journey has begun on a triumphant note for Korea.

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