CTOC advocates environmental sustainability at national high school games


The Sport and Environment Committee of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) participated in environmental sustainability initiatives and, for the first time, advocated the environmental education activity of “Sustainable Future, Youth Together” during the National High School Games 2024.

Professor Huang Yu of the National Tsing Hua University’s Sports Business and Policy Center pointed out that many of the items used in sports events were actually integrated with energy-saving and carbon-reducing elements, such as sportswear and trophies.

The exhibition, which was held at Taipei Athletics Stadium on April 21, showed that sustainable living can be practiced in everyday life and encouraged participants to form habits of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

As well as a video and mascot A-Song, a Q and A session was held. The activity was in line with World Earth Day on April 22.

The CTOC, in conjunction with the IOC, also issued the Campaign to Save Climate Agenda.

CTOC President Lin Hong-Dow recorded a video in support of energy saving and carbon reduction, calling on more friends of all ages involved in the movement to respond to the environmental sustainability activities of net zero carbon emissions.


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