Day 05 Updated 19th Asian Game Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition


India Women’s Hockey Team Defeats Hong Kong China, Soaring into the Semi-Finals of the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022
In a spectacular display of skill, precision, and teamwork, India mercilessly defeated Hong Kong China with a staggering 13-0 scoreline in the Pool A match of the Women’s Hockey Competition at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.
The Indian Women’s Hockey Team, ranked at the zenith of Pool A, demonstrated why they’re considered one of the most formidable teams in the tournament. With an impeccable attack right from the whistle, Katariya Vandana (#16) set the scoreboard ticking with a field goal within the first 2 minutes. Shortly after, Deepika (#55) and Monika (#4) netted impressive field goals, while Ekka Deep Grace (#3) capitalized on a penalty corner, ending the first quarter with India comfortably ahead at 4-0.
The second quarter witnessed an unabated Indian attack, with goals from Katariya Vandana, and Kumari Sangita (#14), further augmenting the score to 6-0 as they headed into the half-time break.
The team returned from the break with undiminished energy, scoring additional goals through Phalke Vaishnavi Vitthal (#69) and Ekka Deep Grace, advancing their lead to 8-0 by the close of the third quarter.
The final quarter was no different. India, with an offensive strategy, saw multiple players getting onto the scoresheet. A hat-trick by Katariya Vandana and additional goals by Deepika, Kumari Sangita, and Kaur Navneet (#25), concluded the match at a formidable 13-0, ensuring a victorious and dominant display by the Indian team.
The staggering 16 penalty corners awarded to India as opposed to Hong Kong China’s 1, indicated a relentless offensive approach from India, keeping the Hong Kong China defense under incessant pressure throughout the match. The strategic deployment of players by Coach SCHOPMAN Janneke certainly paid off, ensuring India remained a threat in all quarters of the game.
This spectacular win secures India’s position at the top of Pool A, having remained undefeated with 3 wins and 1 draw, boasting a goal difference of +32, and accumulating a total of 10 points. This triumphant victory not only amplifies their confidence but also propels them into the semi-finals, where they will be eyeing a spot in the finals and, subsequently, a gold medal.
India’s incredible performance throughout the pool stages, particularly this 13-0 drubbing of Hong Kong China, sends a clear message to their upcoming opponents in the semi-finals – they are here to win and are backed by a team performing at its peak.
In the upcoming semi-final match, it is anticipated that India will continue to harness the same energy, strategy, and execution that have brought them this far in the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. All eyes will be on them to maintain this momentum and bring home the gold.

Korea Dominates Malaysia in Women’s Hockey Match at Asian Games Hangzhou 2022
Hangzhou, China – In a highly anticipated match at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition, Official Korea demonstrated their prowess as they convincingly defeated Malaysia with a score of 5-0 in Pool A action. This resounding victory secured Korea’s spot in the semi-finals of the tournament, leaving Malaysia with a challenging road ahead.

The match began with high energy and intense determination from both teams, but it was Korea who struck first. In the 15th minute of the first quarter, CHO Eunji of Korea converted a penalty corner into a goal, putting her team ahead 1-0. This early lead gave Korea the momentum they needed to maintain control of the game.

As the match progressed into the second quarter, Korea continued to dominate. AN Sujin added to their lead with a fantastic field goal in the 25th minute, extending Korea’s advantage to 2-0. The Malaysian team struggled to find their footing as Korea’s relentless attacks kept them on the defensive.

The third quarter saw no respite for Malaysia as Korea’s SEO Jungeun scored a field goal in the 36th minute, making it 3-0 in favor of Korea. Malaysia desperately tried to mount a comeback, but Korea’s solid defense and swift counter-attacks thwarted their efforts.

Korea’s relentless pursuit of victory continued into the fourth quarter. AN Sujin struck again in the 38th minute, this time converting a penalty corner, further extending Korea’s lead to 4-0. With the game seemingly out of reach, Korea showed no signs of letting up.

The final blow came in the 48th minute when LEE Yuri of Korea scored a field goal, sealing a comprehensive 5-0 win for her team. This victory not only secured Korea’s place in the semi-finals but also sent a strong message to their competitors in the tournament.

Despite Malaysia’s best efforts, they were unable to break through Korea’s formidable defense and were held scoreless throughout the match. It was a tough outing for the Malaysian team, but they will have another chance to prove themselves in the remainder of the tournament.

Korea’s exceptional performance in this match showcased their skills and determination, making them a formidable force in the competition. As they progress to the semi-finals, their opponents will undoubtedly be on high alert.

With this impressive victory, Korea sends a clear signal that they are serious contenders for the gold medal at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition. Hockey fans around the world will be eagerly awaiting their semi-final match to see if Korea can continue their dominant run in the tournament.

Japan Dominates Kazakhstan 8-0 in Women’s Hockey at Asian Games Hangzhou 2022
Hangzhou, China – September 25, 2022
In a one-sided encounter at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition, Japan showcased their dominance by defeating Kazakhstan 8-0 in a Pool B clash. Japan’s resounding victory secured their place in the semi-finals, leaving Kazakhstan with a lot to ponder.
The match kicked off with high spirits, and it didn’t take long for Japan to stamp their authority on the game. The first quarter saw a relentless Japanese attack, and the breakthrough came in the 15th minute when Mai Toriyama scored a field goal to give her team the lead.
Japan continued their relentless assault in the second quarter, earning a penalty corner opportunity in the 28th minute. Hazuki Nagai calmly converted the penalty corner to double Japan’s lead. With the score at 2-0, the Japanese team appeared unstoppable.
As the game progressed, Japan’s dominance only grew. In the 36th minute, Yuri Nagai added to Kazakhstan’s woes by scoring another field goal. The fourth quarter was no different, with Mai Toriyama securing her brace in the 36th minute, this time with a penalty corner. Shortly after, Miyu Hasegawa put the finishing touches on a dominant performance, scoring both a penalty corner in the 37th minute and a field goal in the 39th minute.
Kazakhstan struggled to maintain possession throughout the match, and their limited chances to attack were met with a strong Japanese defense. The Japanese team’s performance was highlighted by their impressive 13 penalty corners, with one penalty stroke converted successfully.
Japan’s lineup, led by captain Yuri Nagai, displayed remarkable teamwork and coordination throughout the match. Coach Jude Menezes should be pleased with his team’s performance, which has secured their spot in the semi-finals.
On the other side, Kazakhstan struggled to make an impact in the game, and their goalkeeper, Guzal Bakhavaddin, had to face relentless pressure from the Japanese attackers.
With this commanding victory, Japan has booked their place in the semi-finals of the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition, showcasing their prowess on the field. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan will need to regroup and come back stronger in their upcoming matches.
The Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition continues to thrill fans with exciting matches, and Japan’s performance today was nothing short of spectacular. As the tournament progresses, all eyes will be on Japan as they aim to secure the gold medal.

Domineering China Romp into Semi-Finals with Impeccable Victory
Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games witnessed an enthralling spectacle in Women’s Hockey as China decisively bulldozed Thailand with a staggering 12-0 victory, securing their spot in the Semi-Finals.
The contest in Pool B saw China demonstrating an awe-inspiring performance, effortlessly overpowering their Thai counterparts in all aspects of the game. From the initial whistle, China set an aggressive tone that reverberated throughout the match.

A glorious onset saw China secure their first goal in the mere 9th minute, thanks to the splendid field goal by Zhong Jiaqi. The goals didn’t stop there, as Huang Haiyan doubled the lead with a field goal five minutes later. The Chinese women, perfectly embodying precision and discipline, advanced their score to 3-0 in the 22nd minute when Zhang Ying proficiently converted a penalty corner.

As the whistle blew for the second quarter, there was no sign of slowing down from Team China. Zhang Xiaoxue and Zhong Jiaqi found the back of the net in the 27th and 33rd minutes respectively, ending the first half of the game with a comfortable 5-0 lead.

Zhang Ying showcased another marvelous play, converting another penalty corner at the 40-minute mark, amplifying China’s lead to 6-0. But the prowess of China’s women was far from over. The scoreboard echoed their domineering performance, witnessing goals from Chen Yi, Gu Bingfeng, Zou Meirong, Li Hong, and Huang Haiyan, expanding the lead to an awe-inspiring 12-0 by full time.

In a match where the scoreline was as emphatic as it was, Thailand’s defense seemed to struggle against the strategic and well-coordinated attacks from the Chinese. The Thai goalie, Yimkrajang Siraya, despite her efforts, could not barricade the consistent and lethal strikes launched by the Chinese forwards.

Highlighting the individual brilliance, Zou Meirong and Huang Haiyan of Team China bagged two goals apiece, showcasing exemplary skills and providing a visual treat for hockey enthusiasts.

With the circle entries and shots undeniably dominated by China, Thailand had a mountain to climb but failed to mount any significant challenge. China’s defensive play also deserves applause, as they thwarted any occasional threats and maintained a clean sheet.

China, under the watchful eye of Coach Annan Alyson, exhibited a masterclass of tactical prowess and athletic excellence, ensuring they moved forward in the tournament, not just with a win, but with a message to all their future opponents.

The majestic victory places China comfortably in the second position in Pool B, only behind Japan. Having demonstrated a mix of experience and fresh talent, China, now with three wins and one loss, has gathered an imposing goal difference of +41 and amasses 9 points, effectively qualifying for the semi-finals.

Thailand, despite the harsh loss, occupies the third position, presenting a spirited team that, in future contests, may very well surprise with their tenacity and improvement.

As the hockey competition at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 advances towards the climax, the exemplary performance by China has surely put them in the spotlight, making them one of the teams to watch in the semi-finals.

China and Japan, with their stellar performances in the pool stages, have set a stage for a potential nail-biting encounter in the upcoming rounds, promising more electrifying moments in the tournament.

For teams gearing up to face China, the message is clear: Be prepared to counter a team that is as lethal in attack as it is sturdy in defense. The amalgamation of technique, strategy, and execution displayed by the Chinese Women’s Hockey Team is not just a win in the books, but also a psychological one against their forthcoming opponents in the semi-finals and potentially beyond.

With eyes now set on the semi-finals, the electrifying atmosphere at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 is bound to escalate, as the teams not only battle for a win but for the pride of representing their nation at the pinnacle of Asian sports.

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