Day 5 at Men’s Asian Games Qualifier 2022


Day 5

OMA (6 – 3) UZB (Pool A)

In the first match of day 5, Oman vs Uzbekistan both trying to find the qualification for the Asian Games. It was known that it would be a tough match, as the interests of both were on the table.

The match started with a favorable result for the team led by Mohamed Al Batrani, as 5 minutes into the first quarter AL QASMI Asaad Mubarak took advantage of the goalkeeper coming out to the edge of the box to put the ball into the net backhanded.

6 minutes later, after a strong offensive pressure from the red team, AL LAWATI Fahad managed to find the ball after a cross and scored the second goal.

Although the Yellows were trying to attack, they were having some problems in their defense which generated that 2 minute into the second quarter AL FAZARI Rashad put a “rocket” in the opposing team’s net. The superiority was clear, but nevertheless the team led by MIRZAKARIMOV Okhunjon did not give up and kept looking for their chances.

Already in the third quarter AL-MAAINI Aseel found a shot in the box that he managed to deflect to make it 4-0 for his team.

It was not until the 34th minute that Uzbekistan had no way to turn the score around, when SALIMJONOV Shokhrukhbek, after a penalty corner, was able to convert after the ball went through the goalkeeper’s legs.

Uzbekistan pressed the accelerator, and in the 50th minute after a collective play, NAZAROV Oybek made a “luxury” putting the ball over the goalkeeper to put the partial 4-2.

One minute later MIRZAKARIMOV Shavkatbek grabbed the ball in the center of the box and put it into the goalkeeper’s far post to make it 4-3 and send Oman into a tremble.

But as a good leader of this group, Oman managed to score 2 more goals in the 55th and 58th minute respectively by AL FAZARI Rashad and AL-MAAINI Aseel.

Oman qualified first in Pool A and will play against Indonesia in the first semifinal on Saturday, May 14.

Kazakhstan, on the other hand, finished last in Pool A and will now play against Indonesia in the first semifinal on Saturday, May 14.

The best player of the match was ALLOUN Fisal Ambork, Oman’s No. 15.


INA (3-1) SRI (Pool B)

As in these instances of a qualifying tournament all matches are important and tough, the match between Indonesia and Sri Lanka was no exception, both with a chance to qualify for Pool B, they were going to leave everything on the pitch to overcome each other.

It was a very even first quarter in which neither of them could take advantage of the other. Both had their defenses well stopped with chances to penetrate either of the two areas, but it was not until the second quarter in the 19th minute that Sri Lanka was able to take advantage of the penalty corner, which would later end in a corner that would allow a cross and deflection for the player SUDUSINGHE Sanda.

In this way Sri Lanka took the lead against the formidable team led by RAJ Dhaarma. The fun would not last long as 1 minute later ARDAM, would make it 1-1 with a quick drag-flick to the right of the goalkeeper.

It was not until the 41st minute that the match could be unlocked as both were doing their best to impose themselves against each other. It was PRASTYO Alfandy who, after a slightly confusing play, took a rebound and managed to put the ball in the goal to give his team a 2-1 lead.

2 minutes later after an excellent long flick that reached the Sri Lankan box, in 2 passes AL AKBAR Abdullah eluded the goalkeeper leaving him behind and pushing the ball into the goal to give his team the definitive victory and the qualification to the Asian Games 2022.

Indonesia will play their next match for the first semifinal against Oman on Saturday, May 14 and Sri Lanka will play against Hong Kong China for the 5-8 place in this tournament.

The best player of the match was PRASTYO Alfandy one of the scorers of the 3 goals to give the qualification to Indonesia.


BAN (1-0) SGP (Pool B)

Third match of the day, for the first and the last place of the Pool B group. Although the difference between the two teams had been seen during the tournament with 9 points for the first team and 1 point for the last one, the matches have to be played and this was not going to be the exception.

Bangladesh and Singapore were playing for everything, trying to finish defining their positions within Pool B.

Singapore tried to set up a strategy with the team in a more defensive mode, with their players in the back, waiting for Bnagladesh to make a mistake. On their side Bangladesh started to attack from minute 0 in order to take the lead as soon as possible, but this was not possible until the 19th minute of the second quarter when RAKIBUL Md. received inside the box and took the Singapore defender off his back and put a perfect backhand shot that the goalkeeper could not stop.

Thus, Bangladesh took a 1-0 lead on the scoreboard to start building their way to the top of the group and qualification to the Asian Games 2022.

Although Singapore tried to attack, having some chances, these could not be realized, and the match ended 1-0 for the green side.

Bangladesh will play on Saturday, May 14 against Thailand in the second semifinal. On the other hand, Singapore will play for the 5-8 place against Uzbekistan.

The best player of the match was Singapore’s goalkeeper WEE Wei Xuan who saved his team more than once in this important match.


HKG (1-1) THA (Pool A)

Latest on May 12 at the Chalermpra Stadium Kiat Khlong Hok in a game between the Thai national team and the Hong Kong national team. The Thai team plays with confidence, with 4 points, if a draw, they will immediately grab a ticket to play the Asian Games in China, just in the 10th minute, the Thai cheerleaders got hysterical when Teera Chai Sansamran fired for Thailand to lead 1-0 until the first quarter ended.

Entering the quarter, two Thai teams had many chances to score goals, but they couldn’t. Until being invaded by Hong Kong early until the 19th minute, Chun Ga Choon fired for Hong Kong to draw 1-1 until the end of time.

In the third quarter, both teams set up a fun invasion, but the strong defensive line on both sides still failed to score a goal, 1-1, entering the fourth quarter, the Thai team got a penalty corner 6-7 times, but did not score a goal. It’s a pity that it should be able to close the win. When consuming the 4th quarter, Thailand draws with Hong Kong 1-1, collecting 1 more point, is the second of Group A. Made it through the rankings 3-4, grabbed a ticket to play the Asian Games in China already.

Hong Kong will play against Sri Lanka for the 5-8 place and Thailand will face the powerful Bangladesh on the second semifinal on May 14.

The best player of the match was player nº 29 Tanakit Juntakian.

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