Dominant China Demolishes Thailand 9-0 in Men’s Hockey at Asian Games Hangzhou 2022″


The Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 men’s hockey competition witnessed a power-packed performance by Team China as they brutally defeated Thailand with an astonishing score of 9-0 today. The match was a display of China’s impeccable skill and team coordination which outplayed Thailand in every quarter of the game.
From the moment the whistle blew, China showcased their dominance. Within the initial minutes, the Chinese captain, LIN Changliang, scored a penalty stroke, opening the scoreboard with a 1-0 lead. The momentum continued as E Wenhui swiftly maneuvered through the Thai defense to net a field goal, doubling China’s lead.
As the first quarter concluded with a compelling field goal from LIU Junjie, the Chinese looked resolute and much in control. The second quarter further widened the gap, with GAO Jiesheng netting a brilliant penalty corner, setting the score at 4-0 as the teams headed for halftime.
Despite halftime discussions, the Thai team seemed unable to halt the Chinese prowess. The third quarter saw China’s LIU Junjie and GAO Jiesheng both finding the back of the net once again, extending the lead to a daunting 6-0.
In the final quarter, China continued to dismantle the Thai defense. ZHU Weijiang, GAO Jiesheng, and AO Weibao all contributed to the scoreboard, concluding the game with a remarkable 9-0 victory in favor of China.
Among the highlights was GAO Jiesheng’s hat trick from penalty corners, showcasing China’s superiority in set pieces. On the other hand, Thailand’s defense struggled throughout the match, with goalkeeper PHOSAWANG Wistawas and his defense line facing a barrage of attacks. China won 7 penalty corners compared to Thailand’s lone attempt. China’s coach WENG Haiqin and manager WANG Tong will undoubtedly be pleased with their team’s dominant performance as they look ahead to tougher challenges in the tournament.
With this emphatic win, China has set a strong precedent and showcased their intention of being a formidable contender in the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Men’s Hockey Competition

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