Hangzhou organisers unveil ‘Shan Shui’ medals for Asian Games


On Thursday, June 15 – the 100-day countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games – the medals of the 19th Asian Games were released.

The medal is named Shan Shui, which is another core element of the Asian Games, along with the official emblem Tides Surging, mascots Congcong, Chenchen and Lianlian, colour system Meeting the World and torch Eternal Flame.

The medal is an important addition to the overall aesthetic of the event.

Shan Shui is characterised by the ceremonial jade Cong in the Liangzhu Culture (5,300BC-4,300BC). This square jade, integrated with a round medal, is truly unique and highly recognisable.

Shan Shui presents the geographical features of Hangzhou. By using protruding lines, the picture scroll of Hangzhou is outlined on the front side of the medal with misty hills on three sides and the city on one side, a rippling lake, and undulating mountains beyond.

The back of the medal is shaped like a square seal, which means the athletes leave a beautiful mark on the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Shan Shui expresses the temperament of Hangzhou as the capital of ecological civilization, with natural landscape, clear water and green hills, creating invaluable assets, casting gold and silver medals.

Shan Shui shows the sportsmanship of climbing the heights. Reaching the top, one will become even higher. On the way to the summit, athletes strive hard, challenge themselves, and surmount one peak after another.

The medal will be made by embossing, milling, trimming and polishing, gold and silver-plating effect treatment, and protection treatment. The medal ribbon will be hand-stitched on both sides using brocade jacquard technology and environmentally friendly printing techniques.

The bridge-shaped buckle at the top of the ribbon highlights the Jiangnan characteristics of the water town and the bridge town. The linking method adopts the raw ear structure of the spring buckle shaft to fix the ribbon inside the medal.


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