Hong Kong wins against Kazakhstan by 4-0: WAGQ 2022



A match that promised to have a lot of action to close out the fifth day of the tournament was between the 1st place team and the 2nd place team in the standings. The GBK Sports Complex was getting ready for a duel that was going to give a good performance.

Hong Kong China on their side accumulated 3 victories as well as Kazakhstan who won the 3 matches, they had already played.

We could see both teams trying to channel the other, with very attractive offensive proposals throughout the match. The reality is that although the result was favorable for HKC, the Kazakh team did a lot to score goals, but without success.

The success was on the side of the team led by de Arifali, who in the 17th minute LAW Ka Mun Melissa was faster than the goalkeeper and got to a ball that was left on the edge of the line after a cross from HKC to dive to push it and convert the first goal for her team.

The team led by BAKHAVADDIN Guzal did not want to be left behind and tried to attack from all sides, looking to pierce the defense of the blue team. Although they had control and possession of the ball at times, they were unable to reach the box with clear scoring opportunities.

HKC did not stop at any time and that is why at 32 minutes LAW Ka Mun Melissa again in an excellent play prepared from a penalty corner was alone at the right post of the goalkeeper to put it into the goal with a spectacular sweep.

With the partial 2-0, the team led by LAU Pui Sze felt more comfortable in their game but did not rest at any time, as Kazakhstan continued to have the same intensity and sought to score on the scoreboard to shorten the goal difference. The 3-0 was not long in coming after a penalty corner, a rebound was left to CHUEN Sze Sze who managed to push it into the goal to widen the difference.

The result was not fair, as the team coached by BEIBITOV Nurzhan played a good game, and had chances to score, but luck was not on their side.

In the 54th minute, with 6 minutes left in the game, CHAN Yi Man entered the box alone to push the ball after a cross to pass between the goalkeeper’s legs and thus seal the 4-0 victory for the team in blue.

The best player of the match was player number 17 LAW Ka Mun Melissa, author of 2 of the goals in this match that helped her team to take an early lead, to play with more peace of mind.

Hong Kong China will play against Indonesia on Sunday, June 12, while the Kazakh team will play against Sri Lanka looking to maintain their second position in the standings.

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