“Indian Men’s Hockey Team Dominates the Turf at Asian Games Hangzhou 2022”


In an awe-inspiring display of skill and strategy, the Indian men’s hockey team bulldozed through Singapore with a score of 16-1 at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, Pool A competition. The Men in Blue displayed their superiority from the onset, leaving the Singapore team gasping for breath and opportunities.

The first quarter of the game saw aggressive gameplay from the Indians, laying a solid foundation for the immense lead that was to follow. Singh Mandeep initiated the scoring spree with a field goal at the 12th minute, followed swiftly by Upadhyay Lalit Kumar’s field goal at 16th minute. The first quarter ended hinting at the storm that was brewing with a score of 2-0.

As the second quarter commenced, the Indian warriors seemed unstoppable. Singh Gurjant and Prasad Vivek Sagar netted field goals at 22 and 23 minutes respectively. SINGH Harmanpreet capitalized on a penalty corner at 24 minutes, taking the score to 5-0. The relentless attack continued with Singh Mandeep scoring another field goal at 30 minutes, wrapping the second quarter at a staggering 6-0.

The third quarter witnessed a surge of penalty corners for India. Singh Manpreet and Singh Shamsher efficiently utilized two, scoring a goal each at 37 and 38 minutes. SINGH Harmanpreet showcased his penalty corner expertise with a hat-trick of goals at 39, 40, and 42 minutes, rocketing the score to an astonishing 11-0.

The final quarter was nothing short of a spectacle. The Indian athletes continued their onslaught with field goals from Singh Mandeep and ABHISHEK at 51 minutes, followed by another goal from ABHISHEK a minute later, taking the score to 14-0. Singapore managed to net a consolation goal by ZULKARNAIN Zaki at 53 minutes. However, the Indian side promptly retaliated with Kumar Varun converting two penalty corners at 55 minutes, finalizing the score at a remarkable 16-1.

With a total of 20 penalty corners as opposed to none for Singapore, the Indian men showcased a clinical performance and capitalized on every scoring opportunity. The field was dominated with a barrage of shots that left the Singapore goalie, SANDRAN Gugan, with a nightmarish experience.

The Indian goal scorers, with their sharp shooting and impeccable teamwork, have not only secured a monumental win but also sent a strong message to the upcoming opponents in the tournament. Under the coaching helm of FULTON Craig and managerial expertise of SINGH Shivendra, the team displayed a well-coordinated play that signifies their readiness for the challenges ahead.

This emphatic victory propels India to a formidable position in the Pool A standings and solidifies their status as a powerhouse in the Asian Games Hockey Competition. They have not just won a game; they have made a statement of intent, and the other teams in the tournament should take heed.

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