Indian Women Hockey Team Showcases Formidable Performance, Demolishes Malaysia 6-0 at Asian Games 2022″


In a stirring display of tactical mastery and hockey finesse, the Indian women’s hockey team registered a thunderous victory against Malaysia, demolishing them 6-0 in their recent face-off in the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, Women’s Hockey Competition, Pool A.

From the get-go, the Indian eves showcased a higher tempo and sublime coordination among the ranks. Right within the first quarter, they signaled their aggressive intent, and by the 15-minute mark, they had already notched up a formidable 4-0 lead. Monika opened the account for India with a brilliant field goal at the 7th minute. This was promptly followed by Ekka Deep Grace converting a penalty corner in the 8th minute. Nisha and Phalke Vaishnavi Vitthal joined the party soon after with field goals in the 11th and 15th minutes respectively.

The second quarter saw a single but crucial addition to the scoreline with Kumari Sangita scoring a field goal at the 24th minute, taking the tally to 5-0 as they headed into halftime. The Malaysian defense seemed in disarray, struggling to cope with the relentless Indian assault.

Following the halftime, Malaysia attempted to regroup and put up a stronger defensive front, but India’s fervor was unyielding. The final nail in the coffin came at the 50th minute when Lalremsiami netted another field goal, settling the score at 6-0.

While the Malaysian team struggled to penetrate India’s sturdy defense, the Indians exhibited remarkable cohesion and attacking strategy. Their exploitation of penalty corners was noteworthy; a total of 13 penalty corners were earned, two of which were superbly converted.

The win is a testament to the Indian team’s preparedness and a warning signal to all other contenders in the tournament. Coach Janneke Schopman and Manager Billava Suresh Ankitha can afford to wear smiles as the team showcased a polished performance that highlights their readiness for tougher challenges ahead. On the flip side, the Malaysian camp has much to ponder on and re-strategize as they look forward to their upcoming fixtures.

India’s robust performance sets a high bar and keeps the hopes soaring for their supporters as they march forward in the tournament with increased determination and an unyielding spirit.

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