Indonesia Men and Iran Women Gained First two matches on the fourth day of Indoor Asia Cup Bangkok 2022


Indonesia Men and Iran Women gained First two matches on the fourth day of Indoor Asia Cup Bangkok 2022

Men M10

Singapore (2) vs. Indonesia (5)

First match on the 4th day played between Singapore and Indonesia in Indoor Asia Cup Bangkok 2022. At 8th min of the match in first quarter ALFIANA Muhamad from Indonesia wearing 16 number shirt scored goal with the plenty corner.

In second quarter FIRDAUS Muhammad with Indonesian 8th number shirt scored goal at 18th minute of the match another field goal was scored by GUNTARA Andrea of Indonesia to have lead by 3-0 by the end of Second quarter.

In the third Quarter MAYAZHAGU Guhan of Singapore wearing 11 number shirt from Singapore scored goal but after 2 minutes PRAWESTI Candra from Indonesia again hit the post to make score 4-1.

In fourth Quarter, at 33rd min of the match Indonesian ALFIANA Muhamad scored his second individual Goal and 5 Goals from Indonesia. At the same min ABDUL RASHID Muhammad Shafiq from Singaporean 15th Number shirt scored goal.

Indonesia won by 5-2.

The Player of the Match:


Shirt 16

Country Indonesia


Next Match of Indonesia will be with Host Thailand tomorrow and Singapore will play with Chinese Taipei tomorrow.

 Women M11

Pakistan (1) vs. Iran (9)

First Women Match played between Iran and Pakistan on 4th day of Indoor Asia Cup Bangkok 2022.

In First Quarter at 5th minute of the match RASHIDIAN Zahra of Iran with shirt number 4 scored the first Goal of the match. At 14th minute Pakistan SARWAR Areeba with shirt number 9 scored Goal to balance the scoreboard.

In the end of second quarter BAHRAMI Sanaz wearing 9th Iranian Shirt at 19th Minutes of the match score the goal with plenty corner and take the lead of 2-1.

DAEI Elham with 10th number Iranian shirt scored 2 consecutive goals in 22nd and 24th minutes of the match. AHMADI Zeinab  also scored goal at 24th minute of the match. Then RASHIDIAN Zahra and DAEI Elham scored their second individual goal to make the scoreboard 7-1.

In fourth Quarter at 34th minutes of the match DAEI Elham scored magnificently her 3rd goal of the match and then at very next minute MIRZAEI Nasim scored one goal again to take the lead from Pakistan with 9-1.

The Player of the Match:


Shirt 10

Country Iran


Next match of Iran will be with Chinese Taipei.

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