Indonesia win against Cambodia



Last match of the day and of the tournament, the last team against the 5th in the standings.

Indonesia had a slightly weaker tournament than the rest of the teams above them, tying one game, losing 3 and winning 2. Although the host of the tournament prepared a lot for this event, it was not enough to overcome the rest of the nations that have a slightly higher level than the team led by HERMAWAN Irwan. Undoubtedly this tournament was very useful for the red team to have the practice required for an international event, facing the next challenges ahead.

On the other hand, Cambodia did not manage to get any points, but without a doubt they leave with a very enriching experience, just as the team had anticipated “… the participation in this competition is also to improve the technical quality of the Cambodian women’s field hockey team in preparation for hosting the 32nd SEA Games 2023”.

Undoubtedly the team led by SREY SROS Eng leaves with a bitter taste, but with many lessons and issues to improve for the future of the team and the federation.

Indonesia was superior throughout the match, scoring 4 goals. The first of them came in the second quarter, in the 19th minute after a penalty corner, ANISA Nur managed a spectacular deflection to inflate the net and make it 1-0.

The girls in blue kept tightly closed and stuck in the defense, but the girls in red tried to filter through and with individual plays to overcome those blocking lines. But it was not until the 39th minute that Melinda scored from a rebound, after a penalty corner.

With the 2-0 Indonesia was more confident in the result and was encouraged to more, while Cambodia resisted so that the result would not be more extensive.

The game was decided in the 54th and 56th minutes when RONSUMBRE Paulina and SUWITO Yuanita scored 2 goals in 3 minutes.

Thus ended the participation of both teams in this qualifying tournament from which both will surely take good things and bad things that will serve to improve in the face of the commitments that await both national teams.

The best player of the game was number 24 Lina Rumaropen, who was a fundamental piece for this team from the first game until today’s game with her skill and attitude on the field.

The Leading Goalscorer of the tournament had to be a player of the team that was crowned as 1st in this qualifying tournament, with 7 goals, this player is CHEUNG Evelyn Cheung, reference and role model of Hong Kong China that is ready to measure itself with the top teams of Asia. Hopefully we will continue to enjoy the goals of this great player who participates in the national team in official tournaments since 2015.

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