International Day of Sport for Development and Peace celebrated by Pak Heroes Club and Muhammeden Academy On the occasion of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, observed on 6 April every year


The Pakistan Junior Team Captain Hannan Shahid, Pakistan Development Squad Captain Murtaza Yaqoob and Pakistan Police Tema Captain Imran Azhar joined the #WhiteCard Campaign to showcase their commitment towards peace efforts worldwide. Just like various color cards in the sporting world, the White Card is a symbol to promote worldwide peace efforts.
Joining this global initiative, Pakistan Junior Captain Hannan Shahid said, “We wield our sticks not just to score goals, but to break down barriers and build bridges of understanding. On this International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, let us celebrate the unifying power of our sport and strive to create a world where every match played brings us closer to harmony and progress.”
Pakistan Develop Squad Captain Murtaza Yaqoob commented on this day, On this International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, let us remember that the true victory lies not in the number of goals we score, but in the bonds of friendship and understanding we forge. Field hockey teaches us resilience, teamwork, and respect, qualities that transcend borders and unite us in the pursuit of a more peaceful and inclusive world.”
Pakistan Police Team Captain Imran Azhar brought light on this day by saying, “As we commemorate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, let’s recognize that every kick, every sprint, and every goal scored carries the potential to create positive change and pave the way for a more inclusive and peaceful World.”
Director Asian Hockey Federation Ghulam Ghous said in his speech, “This day primarily teaches us about improving our society and surrounding through caring about everyone. We have to defend the rights of everyone and help them to achieve their dreams following the path of humanity. Our thinking should align our actions and the interests of the people surrounding us.”
Abid Zia, Chief Executive Crown Micro also said, “Justice is the main tool for developing peace in the society.”
Amer Sheikh, Chief Executive City Bread said, “Sports teaches us tolerance, teamwork and ethics and these are implemented in our daily lives automatically.”
Former International player Khalid Qureshi, Iftikhar Butt, Muhammad Shahid, Muhammad Yaqoob, Usman Shaukat, Abdul Qadir Zahid and Toheed ul Hassan were also present to celebrate this occasion.

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