Advancing Hockey 5s: Iran Hockey Conducts Hockey 5s Tournament and Level 3 Coaching Course


Field hockey has gained significant momentum in Iran, thanks to the efforts of the Iran Hockey Federation and its dedicated team. Led by Dr. Bahram Ghadimi, the federation has implemented a comprehensive plan to foster the growth and development of field hockey in the country. With specific responsibilities assigned to key individuals, the federation aims to make field hockey accessible to the general public and propel Iran’s hockey teams to new heights. In recent events, Iran successfully hosted the first men’s hockey 5s championship and conducted a level 3 coaching course, showcasing the commitment to advancing the sport.

The Iran Hockey Federation’s plan for field hockey development relies on the expertise and dedication of various individuals who are responsible for specific aspects of the sport. Dr. Bahram Ghadimi serves as the President of Iran Hockey, leading the federation’s overall vision and strategy. Accompanying him is Mr. Amir Mirzayi, who oversees the coaching department, ensuring the availability of qualified coaches throughout the country.

Mr. Mohsen Pasban is responsible for educational affairs, focusing on the development of hockey knowledge and skills among players and coaches. Mr. Sasan Ghadimi leads the advertising and marketing initiatives, promoting the sport to attract more participants and increase its popularity. Mr. Hasan Yari Nia heads the referees affairs, ensuring fair play and proper officiating in all hockey events.

Mr. Morteza Nasri takes charge of the national teams, nurturing talented players and preparing them for international competitions. Mr. Mohammad Ali Malek Ahmadi is responsible for organizing high-quality competitions, providing a platform for players to showcase their skills. Mrs. Sajedi oversees school affairs, fostering the sport’s growth at the grassroots level.

Mr. Tayeb Panahi focuses on infrastructure and equipment affairs, ensuring that hockey facilities and resources are readily available. Lastly, Mr. Kamran Katal spearheads the university affairs, integrating field hockey into the academic landscape and encouraging student participation.

Iran recently hosted the first men’s hockey 5s championship in Gachsaran city, featuring the participation of seven teams from different provinces. This championship demonstrated the federation’s commitment to organizing high-quality events that provide players with competitive opportunities. The success of the championship has further fueled enthusiasm for field hockey and paved the way for future tournaments.

In addition to the championship, the federation conducted a level 3 coaching course in Kerman city. This course, open to both men and women, aimed to enhance coaching standards and expand the pool of knowledgeable coaches in the country. By investing in coach development, Iran Hockey ensures that players receive expert guidance, ultimately raising the overall level of play in the nation.

Under the leadership of Dr. Bahram Ghadimi and the dedicated team of professionals, the Iran Hockey Federation has embarked on an ambitious plan to develop and popularize field hockey in the country. Through the concerted efforts of responsible individuals, the federation aims to make hockey accessible to the general public, nurture talent, and strengthen Iran’s national teams. The successful men’s hockey 5s championship and the level 3 coaching course are testament to the federation’s commitment to progress. With continued support and focused initiatives, Iran’s field hockey is poised for remarkable growth and success in the coming years.

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