JAPAN 7Nations League Road to INDIA 2023 San Fernando/SPAIN

1st Match vs SPAIN 2-6 LOST

The opponent of the 7 Nations League first match is Spain, ranked 8th in the world.
Spain is traditionally an aggressive team with many players with high individual skills, especially dribbling skills, and European distinctive organizational strength + dribbling effectively.
The opening was a development that was given a high-tempo attack by Spain to take the lead in the end of the game. Still, he couldn’t create a decisive chance with a strong defense, but at the end of the 1st Q, he allowed a dribble break through from the center and gave him the lead.
2Q couldn’t cope with the opponent’s build up system and fell back the first half with four points behind 16 minutes, 20 minutes and 27 minutes.
3Q here too, by changing the system, we first tried to correct the defense, but the yellow card in 31 minutes led to a one-man-less situation, PC in 32 minutes, and FG was robbed of additional points in 34 minutes.
Still system change plays a role and defense improves after the exit returns. The attack also depends on the Spanish zone defence and quick pressure, creating shooting chances from a naturally fast tempo ball spin. 39th and 49th, they took 2 points back from FG and continued to score goals, but ultimately lost 2-1.
This is the first time since the team formation in November last year, the Asian team has continued to play against a European superpower. Besides India, it was the first time I played against a top 10 team.
Although it was a big loss, there were a lot of plays that could be used well against a strong nation playing in the Pro League, and it was a game with a lot of rewards, especially for young players.
Our Samurai Japan W???????? goal is to be in the top 8 in the World Cup and to be in the 10th place in the World Ranking✨
To achieve that goal, each person focuses on “what needs to be done now,” and continues to work hard as a team, and steadily growing step by step.
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