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National High School Championships – August 21’

The national high school hockey championship, which decides the best high school in Japan was conducted very successfully in August.

For boys, Nyu High School defeated Imaichi High School 4-2 to win the championship for the fifth time in a row.

In addition, Yokota High School defeated Tenri High School 2-2 (SO 3-1) and won the 6th victory for the first time in 9 tournaments.

For girls, Isurugi High School defeated Yazu High School 6-0 and won the championship for the third consecutive time and the seventh time.

In addition, Gifu Kakamino High School defeated Ibuki High School 7-0, and this is the 25th victory for the first time in 7 tournaments.


2021 All-Japan University East-West Inter-College Championship 

2021 All-Japan University Championship East-West Inter-League

8 – 11 July

Final Standings:

Men: Tenri University

Women: Ritsumeikan University


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