Korea Spring National Hockey Tournament 2022


The tournament held at Donghae Sunrise Hockey Stadium Korea was one to look at in terms of talent, competition and sportsmanship. The matches had an influential effect on students about hockey and increased their interest in the sport.

Final Result:

  • Men’s Middle School1st – Asan

2nd – Changseong

3rd – Sungil & Shinam

  • Women’s Middle School1st – Sungju

2nd – Onyang Hanol

3rd – Ansim

  • Men’s High School1st – Asan

2nd – Imae

3rd – Gimhae & Sungil

  • Women’s High School

1st – Sungju

2nd – Taejang

3rd – Songok Girls’

  • Men’s University

1st – Chosun

2nd – Korea National Sports

3rd – Sun Chun Hyang

  • Women’s University

1st – Korea National Sports

2nd- Kyunghee

  • Men’s Professional –

1st – Sungnam CCity

2nd – Gimhae City

3rd – Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps

  • Women’s Professional –

1st – Asan City

2nd – Incheon Sports Council

3rd – Mokpo City.

These kind of tournaments at school, high school and university level are really a big step towards

the development of hockey in Korea, they have an influential effect on students about hockey, who

knows we might be seeing an exceptional talent rising from these tournaments.

Stay tuned for more updates on the hockey world!

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