With the opening of borders, the Umpire Exchange program can resume.


Welcome to Singapore Mohd Ismady and Muhammad Faiz from Malaysia.

Through exchange programs Umpires have the opportunity to improve their skills and experiences by benefitting from exchanges.

Fitness is not a one-dimensional concept, is it made up of different components contributing to the notion of general fitness. As a hockey umpire it is essential to have high levels of fitness in order to keep up with play and make correct umpiring decisions. This becomes particularly important during a tournament scenario where umpires may be involved in multiple matches over a short period of time with only minimal recovery between matches.

The areas of fitness that are covered are core stability, endurance, strength, speed and specific intervals.

Its a development opportunity designed to improve umpire performance standards by exposing the participating umpires to different conditions, cultures and players.

The program provides a number of benefits including:

  • Travelling to and officiating in foreign conditions
  • Managing unfamiliar teams at new venues
  • Working with new colleagues under a different system
  • Learning and adopting new playing conditions.


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