Malaysia’s Speedy Tigers Ready to Test & Hone their Skills in UK Tour



The Malaysian Hockey Confederation Men’s Hockey squad member Faizal Ashari breathed a sigh of relief when the national squad players were able to return to play in the United Kingdom Tour Series after two years without a competitive match.

In fact, according to Faizal, the tour series is also the best opportunity not only to re-hone the skills of the players but also to assess their performance as well as see at what level a player is so far.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you for still gaining the trust of coach Arul Selvaraj which I consider is the best opportunity to return to real performance.

“Actually, without a competitive match for the past two years, this is a challenge not only for me but also all other national players to return to give their best performance.

“Honestly, I am very excited and can’t wait to take up the challenge of playing in this friendly match because from there, a player is in assessing the advantages that can be improved and the weaknesses that can be improved,” told Faizal speaking to Malaysian Press.

The Hockey Confederation of Malaysia (KHM) on Wednesday confirmed that the squad of 23 players led by Arul Selvaraj will participate in the United Kingdom Tour Series from September 19 to October 22 in preparation for the 2022 Asian Cup.

A total of 10 matches were arranged throughout The Speedy Tigers ’tour series including four matches against the club while seven matches against the national squads of Ireland, Wales and France.

At the same time, Faizal hopes that his teammates will take full advantage of the tour series in improving skills and maturing the game as well as strengthening teamwork.

“This United Kingdom Tour Series is also an opportunity for national players to learn new things from foreign clubs and teams.

“I believe there are many new things or hockey knowledge that will be learned among The Speedy Tigers players during this tour series later,” he said.

For the record, The Speedy Tigers are scheduled to take on the Old Georgians club -status team on September 26, followed by Surbiton HC (September 28), Hampstead & Westminster HC (September 29) and Beeston HC (October 1).

Then Arul Selvaraj’s men are expected to face the Irish national squad on 5 and 6 October followed by Wales (9 & 12 October) and France (15 & 18 October).




  1. Muhammad Hafizuddin Othman
  2. Adrian Andy Albert
  3. Mohammad Hairi Abdul Rahman


  1. Muhammad Razie Abdul Rahim
  2. Muhammad Marhan Mohd Jalil
  3. Syed Mohamad Syafiq Syed Cholan
  4. Muhammad Aminuddin Mohd Zain
  5. Muhammad Azri Hassan
  6. Muhammad Najmi Farizal Jazlan
  7. Muhammad Shafiq Hassan


  1. Nik Muhammad Aiman ​​Nik Rozemi
  2. Faiz Helmi Jali
  3. Muhamad Ramadan Rosli
  4. Mohamad Ashran Hamsani
  5. Meor Muhammad Azuan Hassan
  6. Zulpidaus Mizun
  7. Muhammad Najib Abu Hassan
  8. Faizal Saari


  1. Norsyafiq Sumantri
  2. Muhammad Firhan Ashaari
  3. Muhammad Shahril Saabah
  4. Shello Silverius
  5. Muhammad Azrai Aizad Abu Kamal

Courtesy: Sinar Harian

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