Men’s Junior AHF Cup Muscat 2023 – DAY 3


Some places in Pool A would be defined by the results between Chinese Taipei vs Indonesia and Thailand vs Oman. Chinese Taipei and Indonesia had failed to get any points in their opening matches, one losing by 9 goals to 1 against a great host as Oman, and the other losing by a very close 2-1 result against Thailand. The two group leaders, meanwhile, would need to get the upper hand against each other to see who would take the top spot in Pool A.

Chinese Taipei 2 vs Indonesia 2

In a match in which both needed the 3 points to dream of reaching the top positions, they had to ensure goals and good play to neutralize an opponent that they knew would generate a very even match.

The match started with a back-and-forth game for both teams. During the first quarter, only in the 26th minute WANG Yo-An scored the first goal of the match from a penalty corner to give his team the lead at a time when they needed it.

In the 45th minute, WIBOWO Arthur scored the equalizer after several attempts, which were stopped by Chinese Taipei’s great goalkeeper, Hsu Ting-Shuo. The equalizer for NURSEHA Muhammad’s team did not last long as one minute later CHEN Yung-Sheng made it 2-1 to put his team back in the lead.

The match seemed to be more controlled by LIN Min Nan’s team, with a wide and controlled game, but this was not enough and in the 51st minute the team in white got a penalty corner that would lead them to an agonizing equalizer converted by RADITYA Derangga.

The match ended 2-2 with a fantastic game that saw two teams compete in a spectacular manner.

Both teams have only one point and will play tomorrow against Thailand and Oman respectively in search of a win that will bring them closer to the top of Pool A.

The best player of the match was undoubtedly Chinese Taipei’s goalkeeper Hsu Ting-Shuo who helped his team a lot in today’s match.

Thailand 1 vs Oman 7

The second match of the day and Pool A, was between Thailand and Oman, both teams won their first matches and shared the leadership of Pool A. It was known that it would be a match with friction and offensive play for both teams.

The home hosts were quick to throw everything defensively and made it 1-0 after 5 minutes of play with a goal by BAIT Hussam after the referee had awarded a penalty stroke.

The match was controlled mostly by the team led by AL RAISI Khalid who managed to score 4 more goals until the end of the first half. The goals were scored by AL-NOUFALI Aliyas, BAIT Talal x 2 and BAIT Hussam again, but this time from penalty corner. With a 5-0 partial score the team led by BARAZAHAN Asama had absolute control over the match. On their side Thailand managed to have control of the ball in some opportunities, but without being able to score shots in the circle. It was in the 37th minute when KHAMKOED Phongsakon was able to score from a penalty corner to make it 5-1.

Seeking to confirm its superiority in the match, Oman far from sitting still for the result, sought to continue scoring goals. In the 46th minute, team captain BARAZAHAN Asama made it 6-1 and in the last minute of play AL BALUSHI Hassan made it 7-1, his second goal of the tournament.

With this result, Oman, the home team, took the three points and became the absolute leader (so far) of Pool A. On the other hand, Thailand will have to improve their situation when they face Chinese Taipei tomorrow, while Oman can get more points to become the absolute leader against Indonesia, who will be looking for their first 3 points.

The best player of the match was BAIT Talal who scored 2 goals to help his team to victory.

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