Old Dhaka Hockey Carnival starts tomorrow / new atmosphere of hockey in old Dhaka


The reputation of old Dhaka as a hockey pasture or a restaurant is returning to the people. Many stars who once shook the field were born in old Dhaka; Likewise, many important members of the current national hockey team, the only international elite umpire, Salim Laki, are also part of this area. The hockey craze here revolves around Armanitola School. Jimmy, Naeem, Emonra became today’s international stars from this field. The story of the emergence of field-shaking hockey players like Abdullah Piru, Rafiqul Islam Kamal, Habul is also from here. This old Dhaka is a traditional part of the history of hockey and hockey players. There is going to give birth to another new phenomenon. The ‘Old Dhaka Hockey Carnival-2023’ is starting tomorrow, Friday, December 8. Old Dhaka is going to be held for the first time with the combined initiative, efforts and financial support of the participants of old Dhaka hockey players, current national team players, youth hockey teams and new hockey players. Hockey Carnival. Where Ustad Fazlu Hockey Academy is in full cooperation. Bangladesh international hockey umpire Salim Laki along with Is Hossain Liton, Maqsud Alam Habul, Naeem Uddin, Senior Rubel and others will be the coordinators of the carnival.

A total of six teams will participate in the carnival this time. The teams are – Old Dhaka Royals, Old Dhaka Titans, Old Dhaka Kings, Old Dhaka Lions, Old Dhaka Tigers and Old Dhaka Bulls. The six teams will be divided into two groups and compete against each other. The two group champions and runners-up teams from the two groups will cross over and participate in the semi-finals. Each team has a total of 10 players. Out of this 5 players can participate in the field. The remaining 5 players will change and enter the field. Out of the 5 players who take the field, one icon player, 3 A-grade players and one B-grade player must be on the field. Players in R-C grade can enter the field at any time. The game will be played in two halves of 20 minutes each. There will be a 5 minute break in between. No power push, hit flick can be done in the game. The 6 iconic players of the six teams are: Prince Lal Samant (Old Dhaka Royalers), Deen Islam Imon (Old Dhaka Titans), Khalid Mahmud Rakin (Old Dhaka Kings), Naeem Uddin (Old Dhaka Lions), Imran Hasan Pintu (Old Dhaka Tigers). and Abed Uddin (Old Dhaka Bulls).

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