Open letter to IOC EB from five continental association presidents

On behalf of the five Continental Associations of National Olympic Committees


Representing the 206 NOCs of the world, we would like to thank the IOC for the extensive consultation process that has been put in place since the 11th Olympic Summit in which we all participated.

Through the various consultations and discussions that have taken place, we recognize the differing points of view and opinions from across the world and the Olympic Movement on the issue of the return of athletes with a Russian and Belarusian passport to international competitions. Through this dialogue we have been heartened by the unity shown by the NOC community in reaffirming the fundamental principles and values that govern us as an Olympic movement. The autonomy of sport has been called into question and it is critical that we remain united to defend this principle to ensure that international sports competitions welcome athletes from all countries.

The statement and recommendations issued by the IOC Executive Board on 28 March 2023 on the complex issue of the participation of athletes with a Russian and Belarusian passport in international competitions reaffirms these principles and further considers human rights elements that are critical to respect. We strongly support the position adopted by the IOC Executive Board and will continue to work in the interest of the unity of the Olympic Movement and the athletes.

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