Passion and Enthusiasm continued on third day of indoor AHF Cup Bangkok 2022


Third Day Match Results

Passion and enthusiasm continued at third day of indoor AHF Cup Bangkok 2022 in Huamark Indoor Stadium Bangkok


Men M07

Iran (8) vs Singapore (0)


At the first minute of the match MIRZAKHANI Amirmahdi with the number 11 Iranian Shirt scored Goal by achieving plenty corner against Singapore.

Then magnificently goaled by KARIMI Mohammad and NOORANIAN Hamid at 9th and 11th Minutes respectively.

In the second quarter at 18th minute of match MIRZAKHANI Amirmahdi again succeeded to hit the bucket again by plenty Corner. At 27th min KARIMI Mohammad succeeded to change the scoreboard.

At 34th and 35th min MIRZAKHANI Amirmahdi strike the goal post twice in the plenty corner. Followed by ASNAASHARI Mohammad’s at 40th Minute of the match to stand Iran team on victory stand and won the first match of 3rd day by 8-0.

MIRZAKHANI Amirmahdi and KARIMI Mohammad played extremely well by scored 4 goals and 2 Goals respectively while NOORANIAN Hamid and ASNAASHARI Mohammad scored one goal each.

The Player of the Match:

KARIMI Mohammad

Shirt number 10

Country: Iran


Next match of Iran Men is scheduled against Chinese Taipei while Singapore will play against Indonesia tomorrow.


Women M08

Iran (2) Vs. Kazakhstan (5)


It was interesting match between the Iran and Kazakhstan. At 3rd Min of the match MIRZAEI Nasim with Iranian shirt number 8 successfully scored goal. But at 10th min of the match LOBANOVA Viktoriya of Kazakhstan level the match by scoring the goal.

In the second Quarter DAEI Elham of shirt 10 from Iranian women team again take the lead by scoring the magnificent Goal.  LYAPINA Viktoriya with shirt number 7 of Kazakhstan Women team again equals the game by scoring a goal.

In the third quarter Kazakhstan Team sustaine their victory by scoring 2 goals at 28th minute of the match by BEISENBAY Balzhan and LOBANOVA Viktoriya respectiviely.

In fourth quarter BEISENBAY Balzhan wearing 19 shirt number of Kazakhstan Women team scored 5th Goal and won the match by 2-5.

The Player of the Match:

KIANFAR Monireh (GK)

Shirt number 1

Country Iran


Next Match of Iran women will be with Pakistan and Kazakhstan will have their match with Chinese Taipei tomorrow.


Men M08

Kazakhstan (5) Vs. Chinese Taipei (1)

Chinese Taipei played their match with Kazakhstan which is at the top of the ranking. In first quarter at 2nd Min, captain of Kazakhstan team URMANOV Daulet score first goal of the match with the plenty corner then at last minute of the quarter YELUBAYEV Aman with shirt number 15 scored second goal from Kazakhstan.

At the beginning of second Quarter DYUSSEBEKOV Yerkebulan again strike the Goal post in 11th min of the match followed by the YELUBAYEV Aman of Kazakhstan shirt number 15 at 12th min.

In fourth Quarter, at 32th minute HSIEH Tsung-Yu wearing 14 number shirt succeeded to score goal from Chinese Taipei. And again captain of Kazakhstan team URMANOV Daulet magnificently scored the last goal of the match to keep Kazakhstan at the top and winning the match by 5-1.

Captain URMANOV Daulet and YELUBAYEV Aman played extremely well by scoring 2 goal each.


The Player of the Match:


Shirt number 14

Country: Kazakhstan


Next Match of the Kazakhstan will be played by Thailand while Chinese Taipei will have their match with Iran.


Women M08

Pakistan (0) Vs. Indonesia (16)


Another Match scheduled between Pakistan and Indonesia at Huamark Indoor stadium Bangkok. In which Indonesia Women team played magnificently from the start till end first Goal was cored by EL ISLAMY Annur of Indonesia wearing 17 number shirt from the plenty corner. At the 5th minute another goal scored by MARTIKA TAMARA Raisa shirt number 2.


In second Quarter at 12th minute of the match AULIA Rahma Dwi of Indonesia hit the net. Again on 16th, 17th 19th and 20th minute of the match Goal scored by EL ISLAMY Annur, AULIA Rahma Dwi,
and again EL ISLAMY Annur.

At the 3rd Quarter and 22nd minute of the match SAWOR Rwede scored Goal. Bombardment of the Goals continue at 27th 28th and 30th minute of the match.

Also 5 Goals scored by Indonesian women team in last Quarter. Which makes the scoreboard 16 for Indonesia and 0 for Pakistan.

The Player of the Match:


Shirt number 17

Country Indonesia


Next Match of Indonesia Women team would be with on 12th Aug with Kazakhstan and Pakistan will play their match tomorrow with Iran.


Men M09

Malaysia (5) Vs. Thailand (0)

Malaysia played an excited match with host Thailand. In the first quarter both team played hard to score the goal but could not succeeded.

At the mid of the second Quarter and 15th minute of the match captain JAZLAN Najmi from Malaysia succeeded to score Goal.

Again in third quarter SUMANTRI Norsyafiq wearing Shirt number 22 scored a goal at 21st minute of the match. Followed by MOHD Faridzul who score the goal at 28th minute of the match.

In Fourth Quarter, again SUMANTRI Norsyafiq scored a goal and immediately after this JAZLAN Najmi scored the last goal of the match.

JAZLAN Najmi and SUMANTRI Norsyafiq  played magnificently by scoring 2 goal each.

The Player of the Match:

JAZLAN Najmi (C)

Shirt 25

Country Malaysia


Malaysia will play their next match on 12 August 2022 with Iran while Thailand’s match is scheduled tomorrow with Kazakhstan.


Women M10

Malaysia (3) Vs. Thailand (0)

Match was schedule between the 2 top teams of Pool B in between Malaysia and host Thailand.

First and second quarter were without any goal from both teams but in third Quarter HUSSIN Iren having 15 number Malaysian shirt scored first goal of the match. After this 22nd minute goal another goal was scored by YAACOB Nur Aisyah with shirt number 11.

At the last moments of the match another Malaysian Player HALIMI Qasidah wearing 5 number shirt scored 3rd and last Goal from Malaysia.

The Player of the Match:

YAHYA Farah (GK)

Shirt 1

Country Malaysia


Next Match of Malaysian Women is scheduled on 12 August 10, 2022 with Singapore and host Thailand will play their Match with Cambodia tomorrow at 19:30 Bangkok Time.








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