POLYTAN Turfs are “Olympic-Ready”


POLYTAN Turfs are “Olympic-Ready”


The Poligras Tokyo GT turfs were installed over two years ago and have been used by the local hockey community, but now, with the installation of the Olympic branding, they have become ‘the Olympic turfs’.

The logos were provided by Signgrass, who specialize in tufting designs into the turf, and the installation work was completed last week by Polytan’s partner in Japan, Sekisui.


This is a special moment, as the Oi Seaside Park joins a select group as it becomes only the 12th Olympic hockey venue since the start of the turf era. We are proud that Poligras has been chosen for 7 of these venues.

Due to COVID, there will be no spectators at the games which sadly robs the players of the experience of showcasing their talent in front of thousands of fans. This makes the Olympic branding even more important as it signposts for the players that they are somewhere special and that all their hard work has paid off.


With the coloured surrounds in Sydney and Beijing, London’s blue turf, and the textured turf with enhanced water reduction and playability, the Olympics has always been an opportunity for hockey to showcase its innovation.

Tokyo is no exception; the Poligras Tokyo GT (Green Technology) turfs were designed to meet Tokyo’s carbon-neutral ambition. They are made from 60% renewable sugar cane yarns are laid on a shock pad that consists of fully recycled materials and a binder that is made by capturing CO₂ gas. In addition, the turf requires a third less water than those used in previous Olympic Games.

Tokyo will be a unique and challenging experience, but we know that the hockey competition now has an Olympic-ready turf, on which the players and teams can show their skills, determination and brilliance.


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