President Korea Hockey Association seeks National Solidarity to prepare their Teams for Upcoming Mega Hockey Events



“Let’s create our future with a new resolve and determination”, said the president of Korea Hockey Association (KHA) Mr Lee Sang-Hyun in an official communication released by the office of KHA yesterday on 1st September 2021. This communication was addressed nationally to the general public of the Republic of Korea. The intent was to inform about the ongoing performance of the National Hockey Teams of Korea.


In the letter addressing the Koreans, Mr Lee congratulated the people of the Republic of Korea upon Korea’s remarkable appearance and performance in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. He informed that the Korean Hockey Teams could not qualify for the Olympic Games. He encouraged all to let bygones be bygones and to move further and prepare for the future. He explained that the Mega Sporting events were already nearing and that they needed to prepare for them.

Mr Lee vowed to give his best to prepare both hockey teams to deliver the best results. “However, it is difficult to achieve good feats on the world stage with the efforts of the teams alone”, said Mr Lee. He narrated that the support and confidence of all the leadership, players, administrators and the nation of Korea were crucial for the team to ensure an epic performance. He insisted that without the backing of the administration, the team will not be able to meet the national expectations.


He urged for national harmony, mutual respect, support and spirit of consideration for the National Hockey Teams of the Republic of Korea.


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