President Lee Sang-hyun of the Korea Hockey Association directly participates and encourages players of dream trees using metaverse to participate in non-face-to-face training

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President Lee Sang-hyeon of the Korea Hockey Association encouraged the players after participating in the training of Dream Tree players who practice non-face-to-face using the metaverse.

The Korea Hockey Association has been building a metaverse using actual hockey stadiums from the 24th to the 30th of last month to maximize the best non-face-to-face training effects, considering that it is difficult to train hockey players face-to-face due to COVID-19.

Chairman Lee Sang-hyun personally participated in the training with the Dream Tree players on the 30th, the last day of their non-face-to-face training.

After the training, Chairman Lee Sang-hyun encouraged, “I hope that the dream players who actively participated in non-face-to-face training using the Metaverse despite the difficult circumstances due to the Corona 19 situation will grow into great players who will shine the Republic of Korea through various training.”

On the other hand, Ki Sang-hyeok (Seong Il-joong), a dream player who participated in this training, said, “I was disappointed that it was going to be a non-face-to-face training, but when I actually trained through the metaverse, I was able to freely access and view the training data regardless of time, and I was able to receive more diverse training than face-to-face training. It was a good time for me to be able to,” he said.

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