Samurai Japan Training Camp for Asia Cup 2022.


The Samurai Japan training camp included many things for the players to learn but it mostly emphasized on “Decision Making & Prescan”

According to them, hockey is a sport of consecutive decision-making (judgment) so the camp was mainly focused on making the players learn more about it.

As the situation changes, it’s important to always check and recognize the circumstances around you, organize the information you get from there, and immediately decide the best play out of the many options and implement.

In order to make the players aware of “Prescan (check and recognize)” and “Decision Making” before receiving the ball, all the assistant coaches came up with the two t-shirts in the photo.

Players remember this keyword every time they see their coach, and when a mistake happens, “Why did you make a mistake?” “Thinking about,” running to the coach and touching the T-shirt then back to training became a team rule.

There was a little resistance at first to wearing this T-shirt, but the effect is amazing.

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