SEA Games 2023 Men’s & Women’s Field Hockey – DAY 5

The fifth day of competition at the SEA Games 2023 took place


At the Morodok Techo Hockey Sport Center to welcome the teams that would play today to earn some points that will take them to the top of this competition and thus be able to reach the finals on Tuesday, May 16.

Thailand 0 vs Malaysia 5 (MEN)

The yellows are coming from winning their second match, while the Blues needed to win these 3 points to get a little closer to the goal of qualifying for the final.

The team coached by RAHIM Amin knew very well what they were going to do in this match and how they wanted to position themselves to remain in first place in this competition. On the other hand, KIM Kyung Soo’s men needed to pick themselves up from their three points and their fourth place to show what their team could do.

The team in yellow did not take long to activate their plan and after 12 minutes the scorer of the match, Shahmie Irfan Suhaimi scored the first goal for his team, and then scored two more goals. Others who scored were HASSAN Najib and Harris Osman who helped their team win the match 5-0 and get the 3 points.

Thailand will be looking for revenge against Singapore tomorrow, while Malaysia will be looking for a place in the final tomorrow against Indonesia who is in second place with 7 points.

Thailand 0 vs Malaysia 3 (WOMEN)

The second match was the same on the women’s side with Malaysia wanting to win to keep the first place and Thailand wanting to secure a place in the final by also beating the first of this competition.

The match was very beneficial for those in white, while the players in red had to defend and attack in the opportunities, they had in order not to fall behind against an extremely offensive team that was constantly looking for the circle.

The goals came after 20 minutes when MOHD Khairunnisa made it 1-0 from a penalty corner. Three minutes later SUKRI Fatin made it 2-0 to give IBRAHIM Nasihin’s team a comfortable lead while BAE Young Wook’s team tried to defend and avoid more goals. In the 29th minute RASHID Nuraini sealed the match with a 3-0 score which would be the last goal of the match.

The Malaysian players took the 3 points and lead the first place with many chances to reach the final on Tuesday, their next match will be against Indonesia tomorrow, Sunday. Thailand will look to consolidate their second place against Signapore tomorrow, May 14.

There was a special mention with a gift for Sanpoung Kornkanok No 9 of Thailand that completed 100 matches. Congratulations!



Cambodia 1 vs Singapore 4 (MEN)

The second and last match of the day in the men’s competition was between Cambodia and Singapore.

The team coached by VIJAYAN Krishnan had just lost one match and drawn another, so they needed the 3 points. The home team had played three matches and had not been able to get any points.

The match was more favored for the red team, but surprisingly the blue team took the lead after nine minutes of play with a goal by the young player RASHEED Ammar to partially give the advantage to the home team.

VIJAYAN Krishnan’s side were not to be fazed by this early false start and managed to come back with four goals, two from ZUL’KEPLI Ashriq and two from LOO Kent. The game turned completely around and after that goal scored by Cambodia, Singapore left no room for error and managed to turn the result around to take the much desired and important three points.

The home side spent its last cartridge in this match as it was the last one and could not get any victory, but it put up a fight in each of its matches.

Singapore, on the other hand, will be looking for its chance against Thailand tomorrow, May 14.


Cambodia 2 vs Singapore 2 (WOMEN)

Last match in the women’s competition between Cambodia and Singapore.

The home side was looking for its first win, while Singapore needed the three points to try to reach the second place.

In a very even match, the home team scored after 25 minutes of play, only after many attempts, to take a 1-0 lead.

The match was evenly matched throughout the game, but it was only in the 46th minute that JOHANA Hajaratih equalized after a penalty corner to make it 1-1.

Two minutes later TOH Li Min managed to turn the score around and make it 2-1 for VINER David’s team.

Not wanting to be left behind, MAM Ta spoiled the party for the Singapore team to make it 2-2 with five minutes left in the match.

The match finally ended 2-2 with a draw that was not at all satisfactory for Singapore, while Cambodia was able to get a very good draw so as not to leave empty-handed. In this way, the host team says goodbye to the competition, while Singapore will play against Thailand on May 15, but knowing that they have no chance of reaching the final on May 16, as they would not have enough points even if they win.

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