SEA Games 2023 Women’s & Men’s Indoor Hockey – DAY 1

Today starts Women's & Men’s Indoor Hockey tournament at the 2023 Southeast Asian Games 


That will take place from 1 to 7 May 2023 at the Rong Roeung Hall, Phnom PenhCambodia. 6 teams took part in the women’s competition, and 6 teams take part in the men’s competition.

The match schedule for the event it has only 1 pool for each competition. The top 2 teams qualified for the final on the May 7th.

Men’s Participating Teams:

Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia (H), Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines

Women’s Participating Teams:

Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia (H), Philippines, Singapore


Thailand 8 vs Philippines 0 (WOMEN)

The first match in these SEA Games 2023 on the women’s side was between Thailand and Philippines.

The experienced Thai team met with a Philippine team that lacked a bit of order so that after 4 minutes of play began a cataract of goals that at the end of the game were x 8.

The goals were scored by TODKAEW Jiratchaya x 2, JOMJAN Priyakorn, TONGKHAM Thanaporn x 2,BUREEWAN Benjamas,DUANGWAO Wilawan x2. 3 of these 8 goals were penalty corners, while the rest of the goals were field goals.

It was an incredibly positive start for the team led by SAFAEI Esfandyar, while the team led by GALICIA Christian will have to give their best in their next game.

The winner will play tomorrow against the host of the competition, while the Philippine team will play against Malaysia.

Thailand 14 vs Philippines 0 (MEN)

On the men’s side, the first match was the same as the first match of the women’s tournament. Thailand would face the Philippines.

The team led by SAFAEI Esfandyar scored their first goal in the seventh minute and the last goal in the 35th minute, in between there were 13 more goals. The goals were scored by SUYARAM Anuson x2, BOONPEA Warun x5, A-NUKOON Warawut x4,SORI Kittithat,SUKWONG Pongpon,KETSAWAD Nichanon.

The team led by DEMATA Johnny will have to prepare much better for tomorrow’s match against Malaysia, while Thailand will have to maintain this level against Indonesia.

Malaysia 8 vs Singapore 0 (WOMEN)

In the second match of the day for the women’s competition, the Malaysian team was very concentrated in this new Indoor Hockey challenge, while Singapore started a little more distracted.

It was because of this that in the 3rd minute of the match, SHABUDDIN Norsharina scored the first goal and then SAID Nuraslinda scored her 4 goals, accompanied by goals from SYLVESTER Fazilla x 2 and 1 from HUSSIN Iren.

There was not much Singapore could do. With this win Malaysia will face Philippines tomorrow, while Singapore will go for their win against Indonesia.

Singapore 0 vs Indonesia 7 (MEN)

In the men’s competition there was not particularly good news for Singapore either, as in the second match of the day in the men’s tournament they lost 7-0 to Indonesia.

The Indonesian team scored 2 goals in less than 5 minutes (PRAWESTI Candra and ALFIANA Muhamad) to make it 2-0. Although the team coached by PONIRIN Redzuan tried to put their game together they could not put it together and Singapore was able to advance with 5 more goals scored by SANTOSO Prima x 2, ALFIANA Muhamad x 2, RAHMAD Astri.

Tomorrow Singapore will try to bounce back against the home side, while Indonesia wants to keep the same energy against Thailand.

Indonesia 7 vs Cambodia 1 (WOMEN)

The last match of the day would be between the host and the great Indonesian team.

It was a long-awaited match for the host as they could be in front of their people and with their public. Although the match started with an advantage for Indonesia with 2 goals (SUGIARTI Nuraini AULIA and Rahma Dwi), the team led by SOVANPHEARUM Chheoung managed to score the first and only goal for her team by MAM Ta.

Indonesia did not want to be left behind and swept with 5 more goals to put the match 7-1 with goals by INCE Novita, SUGIARTI Nuraini, AULIA Rahma Dwi, PURBASARI Citra and WARDANI Desi.

The host will go for revenge tomorrow against Thailand, while Indonesia will be looking for their second win against Singapore.

Malaysia 10 vs Cambodia 1 (MEN)

Coming to the last match of the day in the 2023 Southeast Asian Games, Malaysia and the home team of the tournament faced each other.

The Malaysian team was superior throughout the game scoring 7 goals (MOHD Faridzul x2, HAMIRIN Khaliq, ABDUL Daniel,AZHAR Muhamad,OMAR Firdaus,CHOLAN Syed) in the first 28 minutes of play. In the 30th minute RANA Ammar was able to score for his team, but this was not enough as Malaysia was to score 3 more goals towards the end of the game (MOHD Faridzul, HAMIRIN Khaliq and JAMIL AZOMI Norhafizie).

With this result the host will have to show more of themselves tomorrow against Singapore, while Malaysia will go for more goals against Philippines.

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