SEA Games 2023 Women’s & Men’s Indoor Hockey – DAY 2

The second day of the Indoor Hockey competition at the SEA Games 2023 took place,


After a first day with many goals we did not want today to be the exception. Lot of teams learned from yesterday to have today more studied their rivals and be able to compete in the best way.


Philippines 0 vs Malaysia 12 (WOMEN)

First match of the second day at the Rong Roeung Hall was played between the Philippines who had just lost against Thailand and Malaysia who had an excellent result against Singapore on the first day of competition.

In today’s match, OSMAN Mohd’s team scored four more goals than the previous day’s match for a total of 12 goals, showing their superiority over the Philippines.

On the other hand, the team led by RIVAS Lasantha tried to build their game but could not against a strong Malaysian team.

The goals were scored by SAID Nuraslinda, AWANG Surizan x2, SYLVESTER Fazilla x 3,HUSSIN Iren x 3,SHABUDDIN Norsharina x2 and ISAHHIDUN Nor. 7 of the goals came from penalty corner and 1 from penalty stroke.

Tomorrow the Malaysia team will play against Thailand (who is second in the table) while the Philippines will play against Indonesia who keeps its third place.

Malaysia 19 vs Philippines 0 (MEN)

The second match of the day was for the men’s side between the mighty Malaysia and the up-and-coming Philippines.

Malaysia was coming off a win against the home team, while the Filipinos were coming off a loss against Thailand.

The match was controlled all the time by the team led by CHE HALIM Hanip who scored nineteen goals, the first in the first minute of play and the last in the 37th minute. MOHD Faridzul scored the goals x 4, HAMIRIN Khaliq x 2, AZHAR Muhamad x 2, MAMAT Adam x 2,CHOLAN Syed x 4,ABDUL Danial x 2,OMAR Firdaus, MOHD HAZEMI Razali x 2.

The Philippines will be looking for their first win tomorrow to avoid being at the bottom of the table against Indonesia. On the other hand, Malaysia will be looking to secure its place against Singapore.

Indonesia 4 vs Singapore 0 (WOMEN)

The second match of the women’s tournament was between Indonesia and Singapore, who the day before had won against the home team and lost against Malaysia.

It looked set to be a more even match than the first day of competition, with two teams with good depth at the back and interesting attacks.

The match was scoreless until the 24th minute when AULIA Rahma Dwi gave her team the lead and after 3 minutes she made it 2-0 with two especially important goals for RAJ Dhaarma’s team. A penalty stroke was awarded in the 29th minute for SUGIARTI Nuraini to make it 3-0. In the 40th minute WARDANI Desi made it 4-0 for Indonesia to get another win and keep their third place.

Singapore on the other hand will be looking for a win against the home side tomorrow May 3, while Indonesia will be looking to consolidate their position against the Philippines.


Thailand 0 vs Indonesia 3 (MEN)

In the second match of the day for the men’s sector, Thailand and Indonesia faced each other, both teams had just won against their respective opponents on the first day of the tournament, so it was expected to be a very even match.

Although Thailand had a very well-armed team in defense, the first goal for the team led by SANTOSO Prima came from the hand of FIRDAUS Muhammad to make it 1-0 after 8 minutes of play.

Thailand had its attacks to the area but could not score any shot on goal. Indonesia took advantage of every situation and managed to make it 2-0 in the 23rd minute with a goal by PRAWESTI Candra to make it 2-0. At the end of the match in the 38th minute, ALFIANA Muhamad made the score 3-0 for Indonesia to take the victory.

Indonesia keeps this way the second place, while Thailand keeps the third place and tomorrow will play against the local Cambodia. Indonesia will play vs the Philippines.

Thailand 9 vs Cambodia 0 (WOMEN)

In the last match of the day we could watch it by LIVE Streaming through the Youtube account of Asian Hockey Federation ( where you can find in the next day’s more matches to tune in.


In the match between Thailand and the host of the competition we could see a Thai team much more assertive in its attack, trying to find filtered passes to get to the goal as quickly as possible. On the other hand, Cambodia knew how to wait and take advantage of counter attacks when Thailand went up.

The first goal came in the fourth minute converted by DUANGWAO Wilawan from a penalty corner. In this way, SAFAEI Esfandyar opened the door of the goals and was able to convert 8 goals by the hand of DUANGWAO Wilawan, TODKAEW Jiratchaya x 2, SAKULPITHAK Tikhamporn x 3, TONGKHAM Thanaporn x 2.

The girls in blue tried to stop the girls in red but could not stop the red machine.

The home team will face Singapore tomorrow to define their position in the table, while Thailand will play against Malaysia to define first and second place in the table.


Cambodia 1 vs Singapore 4 (MEN)

In the last match of day two, Cambodia and Singapore would meet after suffering tough defeats on the first day of the competition. The home team was looking for its first home victory to celebrate with its people, while Singapore wanted to show that it did not come to these games to lose matches.

Singapore took the lead after 3 minutes of play with an exceptionally good penalty corner by MURID Hanif to make it 1-0. MAT RAHIM Muhammad made it 2-0 in the 13th minute to extend his team’s lead and in the fifth minute GOH Kai Yang made it 3-0 to give PONIRIN Redzuan’s team peace of mind.

RASHEED Ammar took advantage of a penalty corner in the 24th minute and scored the second goal of the tournament. With a 3-1 score, the match became more back and forth, but it was in the 31st minute that GOH Kai Yang managed to seal the 4-1 victory for his team.

Cambodia will play Thailand tomorrow to climb up the table, while Singapore will face the mighty Malaysia to try to get some more points.


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