SEA Games 2023 Women’s & Men’s Indoor Hockey – DAY 4

Fourth day of these SEA Games 2023 with electrifying matches.


 We are in the final stretch and many results depend on today and Saturday for the grand finals on Sunday, May 7.


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Singapore 3 vs Philippines 1 (WOMEN)

The first match of the day in the whole indoor field hockey competition was between Singapore and Philippines, where an even match was expected as both teams have been working match by match to get as many points as possible. On their side Singapore played yesterday against the host and lost in the last minutes of the game, but having a very good performance, while the last team in the table had lost against Indonesia and could not get their 3 points.

There were no goals until the 22nd minute when MANAFF Nordin’s team managed to make it 1-0 with a goal by their captain IBRAHIM Nadia. Seven minutes later, Siti Hajar Binte Asri, the team’s No. 10, made it 2-0 to put her team at ease. The Philippine team tried to defend, but they could not stop Singapore’s players.

The 3-0 came in the 35th minute from ALVAREZ Wannelenah to start sealing the match. Not wanting to be left behind, LUMBO Jaylene scored for GALICIA Christian’s team.

The victory was for Singapore who wants to make it 3-3 and will have to play against Thailand on Saturday, May 6. On the other hand, Philippines is looking for its first 3 points against the local team, Cambodia.


Philippines 0 vs Singapore 11 (MEN)

On the men’s side, the first match of the day was between the Philippines and Singapore.

The Philippine team was coming off a tough loss against a strong Indonesian team, while Singapore had lost to the top of the standings with 12 points and 35 goals to Malaysia.

The team coached by PONIRIN Redzuan did not have a moment of calm during the match and scored their first goal in the 4th minute through MAT RAHIM Muhammad. The Singapore players were much more offensive, while the Philippine team tried to block and play some counterattack when the spaces were given.

Singapore managed to dodge the blocks and scored 10 more goals with the participation of: Muhammad SYAFIQ, WONG Gerald x2, MAT RAHIM Muhammad x2, ABDUL RASHID Muhammad Shafiq,SYED Ali,GOH Kai Yang x2 and MURID Hanif.

The match ended 11-0 for the Singapore players who will face Thailand on Saturday, May 6. For their part, the Philippines will face the local team that wants to score points and get out of the fifth place.


Indonesia 2 vs Thailand 3 (WOMEN)

The second match of the day was between the teams currently in first and second place in the standings. The match was very tense as it was a back-and-forth game of constant attacking and defending for both teams.

Indonesia was coming strong after beating Philippines by many goals, while Thailand had not taken points against Malaysia.

Thailand started the match with a goal by SAKULPITHAK Tikhamporn after 9 minutes of play to lift his team to the lead. Indonesia did not sleep and in the 22nd minute their number 12 player WARDANI Desi scored 2 incredible goals in the same minute to give her team the lead.

The girls in red did not want to be left behind and 1 minute later they got a penalty stroke that was converted by ODKAEW Jiratchaya to give her team the equalizer.

The girls in white did not give up, but it was in the 39th minute that SAKULPITHAK Tikhamporn scored again for her team (she already has 5 goals in the tournament) and made it 3-2 to give the agonizing victory to Thailand’s players.

Thailand occupies the first place and will have to consolidate that position against Sigapore on Saturday May 6, while Indonesia does not want to be left behind (occupying the second place in the table) and will face Malaysia who will also be looking for a place in the final.

Thailand 3 vs Malaysia 5 (MEN)

Another match not to be missed was the match between Thailand and Malaysia in the men’s tournament.

Both teams are looking to qualify for the final on Sunday, May 7, so it would not be just another match.

Thailand had just beaten the host by 7 goals to 1, while Malaysia had played against Singapore and scored 5 very important goals for the team’s morale.

The team led by SAFAEI Esfandyar scored their first goal to take the lead in the 8th minute scored by SUYARAM Anuson. With the partial 1-0, the Malaysian team did not want to be left behind and advanced without stopover to score 4 goals in a row in 15 minutes, the goals were scored by MOHD Faridzul,AZHAR Muhamad,MOHD HAZEMI Razali and OMAR Firdaus.

In a very tough game, where both teams had their strategies planned for any situation that could happen, the player A-NUKOON Warawut made the Malysia team tremble by scoring 2 goals in two minutes to put the game quickly 4-2 without leaving a slip of CHE HALIM Hanip’s team.

Four minutes later again MOHD Faridzul (who already has 10 goals in the tournament) sealed the victory with another goal to end the match 5-3.

Thailand left everything on the field but will have to face Singapore in the next match to try to reach the second place and earn their pass to the final, while Malaysia is the first place in the table and wants to reach the final looking for another victory against none other than Indonesia, who is in second place so far.


Cambodia 0 vs Malaysia 4 (WOMEN)

The last match of the women’s competition was between hosts Cambodia and Malaysia, who are in first place on goal difference, but share the same number of points, which is 10 with Thailand.

It did not take long for the Malaysian team to take the lead and in the 6th minute of play SYLVESTER Fazilla made it 1-0 for the team that has scored the most goals so far in the women’s tournament.

The red team tried to block the yellow team, but they could not stop a team with many skilled players with good vision.

It was in the 25th minute that HUSSIN Iren converted a penalty corner to make it 2-0 for OSMAN Mohd and extend the lead on the scoreboard.

The host of the games tried to attack from the flanks, but they could not with the great yellow defense that prevented them from advancing in any kind of play. With that same control Malaysia managed to keep the game under control by scoring 2 more goals by MOHAMAD Nur and HALIMI Qasidah to make the final score 4-0.

With this result Malaysia is in the first place with 10 points and by goal difference with Thailand. Malaysia’s players will have to play against Indonesia who wants to get into the second place so it will be a great match, while Cambodia will play against Philippines to achieve another victory in this tournament.


Indonesia 6 vs Cambodia 1 (MEN)

The last match of the day in the men’s side was between Indonesia who wants to keep the second place for the next match and Cambodia who is looking for their first win.

Indonesia played against Philippines and scored 20 goals, so the spirit of the team was to continue in the same way to get as far as possible. The local team played against Thailand and lost by 8 goals against 1 and could not achieve any victory until today.

The match started with a sudden goal 2 minutes into the game scored by ALFIANA Muhamad, the great scorer of this team to put the lead to the Indonesian team.

The boys in blue had turned on the machinery and managed to score 3 more goals until the 22nd minute of play, with goals by ALFIANA Muhamad x2 and PRAWESTI Candra to take a 4-0 lead.

The red team did not want to be left behind, and trying to attack they got a goal from panelty corner converted by RASHEED Ammar to score.

With the match under control of RAJ Dhaarma’s team and the locals trying to close the spaces to avoid more goals, Indonesia managed to score two more penalty corner goals by SANTOSO Prima and ALFIANA Muhamad.

The match ended 6-1 with a victory for Indonesia who will face Malaysia on Saturday May 6 to define the first place since the final is already assured. On the other hand, the local team will try to give a better performance against Philippines to get the so desired 3 points and not be in the last places.


Watch the SEA Games Cambodia Hockey Matches Live on AHF Official YouTube


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