SEA Games 2023 Women’s & Men’s Indoor Hockey – DAY 5

Definitions day at the Rong Roeung Hall, Phnom Penh


Cambodia with teams trying to score points, some already qualified for tomorrow’s final, but all aiming to finish the highest in the standings in these SEA Games 2023 Indoor Hockey.


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Malaysia 3 vs Indonesia 2 (MEN)

The first match of the fifth day of competition was between top-ranked Malaysia and second-ranked Indonesia. In an anticipated final, a high-flying match with lots of action, goals and defenders blocking their opponents.

After 6 minutes of play, Indonesian player PRAWESTI Candra scored the first goal of the match to give his team the lead.

The yellow team did not want to be left behind and equalized in the 13th minute with a goal by OMAR Firdaus from a penalty corner.

Both teams sparked each other in a back-and-forth game, but it was not until the 30th minute that FIRDAUS Muhammad put the red team 2-1 ahead again. Five minutes later, CHE HALIM Hanip’s side stepped up the pace and equalized with a penalty corner goal from HAMIRIN Khaliq to make it 2-2. Although both the red and yellow had chances, it was the first team in the table who two minutes after the last goal made it 3-2 with a goal by CHOLAN Syed to win this last match before the grand final tomorrow May 7.

Malaysia took this early final, but we will see tomorrow May 7th if Indonesia shows its power in indoor field hockey to take the first place in these SEA Games or the result will be the same as today. Stay tuned!


Malaysia 4 vs Indonesia 2 (WOMEN)

The first match in the women’s competition was also between Malaysia (first in the standings) and Indonesia, which was looking for a surprise to move from third place to second place by taking Thailand’s place in the final. Although the latter could not come true, the team led by RAJ Dhaarma played an excellent tournament and a fantastic match to try their best to reach the second place.

HUSSIN Iren scored the first goal of the match after 6 minutes of play with a penalty stroke to mark the pressure that the first in the table wanted to reach with all their points the first place in the final. The girls in red wanted to leave everything on the field as they knew they had a chance to reach the final, that’s why three minutes later WARDANI Desi scored the equalizer for the girls in red.

In a back-and-forth match, three minutes after Indonesia’s equalizer, HUSSIN Iren again gave the yellow and white team a 2-1 lead. Although Indonesia did not want to be left behind and attacked through every space, it was MOHAMAD Nur who stretched the lead for OSMAN Mohd’s team to make it 3-1, which gave a little breathing space to the girls in yellow.

In the 20th minute SUGIARTI Nuraini made it 3-2 for the girls in red and looked until the end of the match to get the 3 points that would put them in the final. Seven minutes after the last goal again HUSSIN Iren scored her eighth goal so far in the tournament to make it 4-2 and leave Malaysia in the final and Indonesia with no chance of reaching tomorrow’s match on May 7.

Malaysia will be facing Thailand tomorrow, Sunday May 7, for the final of the tournament.

Indonesia had a great tournament and came remarkably close to catching up to take third place.


Singapore 1 vs Thailand 4 (MEN)

Another defining match in the men’s competition was the match between Singapore and Thailand who would define the third place in this tournament. Both could take advantage either by drawing and having goal difference or by winning the three points that would put them on the podium tomorrow.

Singapore started the match with a lot of energy trying to hurt Thailand to take the lead from the first moment and they did it, and in the eighth minute of the match MAYAZHAGU Guhan scored the 1-0 to give the red team the advantage. However, the joy of the team led by PONIRIN Redzuan did not last long because in the 15th minute A-NUKOON Warawut scored the equalizer from a penalty corner for the team in white. Although Singapore did not want to miss their chance, Thailand’s individual skills allowed them to score a penalty stroke in the 24th minute that put them ahead for the first time in the match with another goal by A-NUKOON Warawut.

The red team’s battery started to drop, and the Thai team took advantage of the situation to score two more goals, one in the 28th minute by SORI Kittithat to make it 3-1 and in the 35th minute again with a hat trick by A-NUKOON Warawut to make it 4-1 to give the victory to his team.

With this result Thailand takes the third place. Indonesia was close to achieve the podium and could make an excellent tournament to continue growing in indoor field hockey.

Thailand 2 vs Singapore 2 (WOMEN)

In the women’s competition, Thailand and Singapore also faced each other. The women coached by SAFAEI Esfandyar needed 3 points to secure their position in second place and a place in the final, or else they needed 1 point hoping that Indonesia would lose their match. All this was on their side, and they managed with a draw to reach tomorrow’s final against Malaysia. On their side Singapore had won only one match in the whole tournament and would go for a surprise in order not to make it so easy for their rival to qualify.

The attitude of the team in black was marked from the first 3 minutes of the game where ALVAREZ Wannelenah scored his second goal in the championship to give him the lead at the beginning of the match.

With a game with a lot of tension, open spaces and hunger for goal Thailand did not want to be left behind and it was in the 20th minute that DUANGWAO Wilawan gave the tie to the team in red to mark the presence of a team that wanted to reach the final.

Both teams had more scoring options, but the goalkeepers were also up to the task and managed to help their teams in goal.

Singapore converted in the 30th minute with a goal by IBRAHIM Nadia from a penalty corner to try to reach the so desired 3 points, but a minute later again the player DUANGWAO Wilawan converted a shot in the net that gave the tie that would deposit Thailand in the final.

Thailand will play tomorrow against Malaysia in the final of these games. Singapore had an impressive performance in this tournament and had a recognition for the Most senior player in Women Indoor competition SEA Games 52-year-old No 12 Phua Min goalkeeper.








Philippines 0 vs Cambodia 8 (MEN)

The last match of the day was between the last and the team in front of the last team in the standings, Philippines, and Cambodia.

The host of this tournament had not been able to get 3 points so far in the tournament, as well as the team led by GALICIA Christian would try not to leave empty-handed.

The host did not hesitate even for a second, being at home and with their people there, to score 8 goals that would give them the resounding victory to finish the tournament with 3 points and fifth place.

The goals came from YASIR Muhamad x2, SALMAN Butt x3, RANA Ur, NOKHAIZ Ahmad and RASHEED Ammar.

The white team made their best effort to score at least one goal, but the red team did not allow them to do it and won at home with their people, ending this tournament with a joy. Philippines finished last in the tournament.


Cambodia 9 vs Philippines 0 (WOMEN)

The last match of the day was also for the women’s competition between Cambodia and Phlippines to define the last positions in the standings.

With 2 games won Cambodia managed to stay in fourth place, while the team led by GALICIA Christian stayed in last place with no points scored.

The match was visibly favorable for the host, while the team in white wanted to look for their best game and their best version in an international tournament like this one.

Cambodia scored 9 goals from CHANSOVATEY Duch x4, CHAKRIYA Eng x3 and SAROEU Vun x2, five of which were converted from penalty corners.

With this result, the red team defeated the white team and closed a tournament that leaves a lot of learning for the future for both teams.



Watch the SEA Games Cambodia Hockey Matches Live on AHF Official YouTube


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