Splendid Show of Action and Performance on the Second Day of the Indoor Asia Cup 2022


Men’s & Women’s Indoor Asia Cup 2022 – Day 2


Chinese Taipei 3 vs Indonesia 5 (Women)

Day two at the Indoor Stadium Huamark, Bangkok, Thailand to continue with both the men’s and women’s Indoor Asia Cup 2022.

The first match of the day was between Chinese Taipei and Indonesia, both teams had won in their opening match in this tournament, so it looked to be a tough game on the road for Pool A.

The first goal of the match came after 16 minutes from a penalty corner by number 10 SUGIARTI Nuraini. Two minutes later, Chinese Taipei did not want to be left behind and showed their hierarchy in this tournament by equalizing through HONG Yun-Han. In a match with a phenomenal back and forth, the team led by RAJ Dhaarma converted again to take the lead with a penalty corner goal by EL ISLAMY Annur. The girls in blue tried to defend, but at the same time they also took advantage of every opportunity they had to attack and that is why in the 25th minute they tied the match again with a goal by KU Chen-yi. In the second half there was a rain of goals by the girls in red converting in the 31st and 34th minute with goals by PURBASARI Citra and SUGIARTI Nuraini again to score her second goal and leave her team 4-2 on the scoreboard. Chinese Taipei did not give up and converted in the 39th minute through number 5 KU Chen-Yi’s penalty stroke. But the team led by EL ISLAMY Annur scored the decisive point in the 40th minute of the match with a goal by RISDIYANTI Winda.

The best player of the match was No. 10 SUGIARTI Nuraini who gave her team 2 goals for this victory.

Indonesia takes the lead in Pool A and will play against Pakistan tomorrow August 10. While Chinese Taipei is placed third in Pool A and will play against Kazakhstan on August 11.


Malaysia 12 vs Chinese Taipei 2 (Men)

First match of the day in the men’s division, had as protagonists Malaysia who had just beaten Singapore and Chinese Taipei who had just lost to Thailand. It is well known that Malaysia is a big player in Indoor Hockey, so a positive result was expected for the team led by RAHIM Amin.

The match started with a goal after 5 minutes for the white team by JAZLAN Najmi, from then on, the team did not stop for a second and scored eleven more goals by HANAFIAH Aslam, MOHD Faridzul, SILVERIUS Shello, MOHD HAZEMI Razali, AZHAR Muhammad and AZHAR Muhammad. Although the superiority of the white team was total, Chinese Taipei did not want to be left behind and managed to score 2 goals scored by TSAI Chang-Yu and HSIEH Tsung-Yu.

Malaysia is first in the table and will play against Thailand tomorrow August 10. While Chinese Taipei will play against Kazakhstan to see if they can get a point.

The best player of the match was Malaysia’s No. 12 and team captain MOHD HAZEMI Razali who also scored a goal for his team.


Singapore 0 vs Cambodia 3 (Women)

Women’s Pool B match in Bangkok. Singapore had just lost against Thailand while Cambodia had just lost against Malaysia in a very tough match the day before. It should be noted that this is the second participation of Singapore in this cup and the third appearance of Cambodia. Two countries with little history in this cup, but with a lot of desire to surprise.

The girls in white started the match with a very offensive attitude trying to reach the opponent’s goal. This could be concretized with a goal only in the seventh minute with a goal by No. 10 CHAKRIYA Eng. Although Singapore tried to attack, they were more concerned with defending the balls that the team coached by ASIF Maqsood wanted to pass, the blue team tried to play their game too, but it was in the 23rd minute of the match that the same No. 10 scored the 2-0 to give her team the partial victory.

While the match went back and forth, the blue team lost some chances, while the white team kept on attacking the rival goal, but it was only in the 39th minute that SORPHORN SENG scored a goal to close the match with a 3-0 victory.

The best player of the match was undoubtedly No. 10 CHAKRIYA Eng who paid tribute to the number on her back by scoring 2 very important goals to give her team the first victory in this tournament.

Cambodia will play next against Thailand in Pool B on August 11, while Singapore will play against Malaysia on August 12.


Kazakhstan 6 vs Singapore 1 (Men)

The Kazakh team was coming from a draw against Indonesia in a very tough match the day before, while Singapore was coming from a loss against Malaysia. Singapore is making its third appearance in an Indoor Asia Cup in 2022, while Kazakhstan has a long history of appearances and awards.

In a super dynamic match, where both teams were able to have control of the ball at various times of the match, experience carried the day, and it was in the 4th minute of the match that URMANOV Daulet scored the first goal for the blue and whites.

Although the team in white tried to attack and had control over the ball, they were unable to define it, while the team led by URMANOVA Olga took advantage of individual skills and ball movements to find the spaces. In the 8th minute DYUSSEBEKOV Yerkebulan scored the second goal for his team, making the score 2-0. A minute later the captain, URMANOV Daulet made it 3-0 with another goal from a penalty corner. It was here that PONIRIN Redzuan’s team raised their heads a bit and managed to take a little lead with a goal by NG Nicholas 10 minutes into the game. After this goal, the Kazakhs controlled the match, and they managed to score 3 more goals with the match under control thanks to YELUBAYEV Aman x 2 and again DYUSSEBEKOV Yerkebulan.

The best player of the match was #15 YELUBAYEV Aman who scored two decisive goals to give his team the lead.

Kazakhstan will play its next match against Chinese Taipei tomorrow, August 10. Singapore will play against the mighty Iran tomorrow, August 10.


Kazakhstan 13 vs Pakistan 0 (Women)

The Kazakh team was playing its first match in this Indoor Asia Cup 2022, while Pakistan had played its first match yesterday against Chinese Taipei and lost.

There were nerves on both sides, but especially for Kazakhstan who is the biggest winner of this tournament in the women’s division, they had to do well.

It was no exception and the match started with a goal in the first minute of play by LOBANOVA Viktoriya, who was later the great protagonist of the day.

The superiority of the girls in blue over the girls in green was noticeable from the start, but Pakistan tried to maintain order and defend as a unit. However, the experienced team led by BEIBITOV Nurzhan Nurzhan did not give a second of respite and scored twelve more goals during the match. The goals were scored by LOBANOVA Viktoriya x 4, SAZONTOVA Natalya, BEISENBAY Balzhan x 4, BISSIROVA Alina x 2 and IZBASSAROVA Gulsina x 2.

The Kazakh team takes a great win to start this cup and Pakistan continues to add experience and gymnastics to compete with teams as strong as it is Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that this is the first appearance of the Pakistani team in an Indoor Asia Cup.

The next match Pakistan will play against Indonesia, while Kazakhstan will play against Iran tomorrow August 10.

The best player of the match was undoubtedly 17-year-old LOBANOVA Viktoriya in jersey #18 who scored 4 goals in today’s match.


Iran 5 vs Indonesia 2 (Men)

The last match of the day featured Iran and Indonesia. Indonesia was coming from a draw against Kazakhstan, while the powerful Iran was making its debut in this new Indoor Cup. It is worth mentioning that Iran came first in the last 8 editions, making it the most respected and feared rival at the same time by all the teams. On the other hand, Indonesia is participating in its second appearance in this tournament.

The team led by NOURANI Rajab started with the first goal of the tournament for his team after 6 minutes of play by MIRZAKHANI Amirmahdi from a penalty corner, the team in white showed superiority over the team in red, but however Indonesia was also trying to build its game. It was 2 minutes after the first goal that again MIRZAKHANI Amirmahdi scored another goal to put his team 2-0.

Indonesia was trying to build up and strategically attack a very experienced team and managed to break through with a penalty corner by NUGRAHA Fajar to make it 2-1. SHAHROKHI Mahdi oversaw 3 minutes later to make it 3-1 to make the difference with Indonesia, but who finished the game was again MIRZAKHANI Amirmahdi who scored two more goals in the 34th and 35th minute, respectively. Although the game was under control for the team in white, Indonesia managed to score one more goal to close the gap and in the 37th minute ASASI Ahdan scored the second goal for his team to finish the game 5-2.

The best player of the match was undoubtedly the scorer MIRZAKHANI Amirmahdi who in only one game already scored 4 goals, with only 20 years old he is already making his mark in his national team and in this Indoor Asia Cup 2022.

Iran will play tomorrow August 10 against Singapore while Indonesia will face the same opponent but on August 11.

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