Sports roadshow in Hong Kong promotes Paris 2024 and National Games of China 2025


The Hong Kong Athletes Career & Education Department (HKACED) of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China has launched its annual three-stop sporting roadshow.

The event is being held over three consecutive weeks at Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Citywalk and Olympian City and aims to promote the Paris Olympic Games as well as the 15th National Games of China to be held in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong province in 2025.

The roadshow aims to keep the sports fever alive and allow the public to meet Hong Kong athletes and to know more about their strongest supporter – the HKACED team.

The event is filled with colorful activities including five sports experience areas, athletes’ demonstrations and sharing, plus souvenir redemption and more. The public can enjoy the all-round fun of sports, making it a must go for families with kids.

SF&OC Hon. Secretary General Mr. Edgar Yang said: “It is the year of the Paris Olympic Games and, with the National Games next year, mega sports events are piling up. SF&OC shall promote sports for all vigorously and to unite our community.”

HKACED has assisted 1,000 athletes by providing employment, education, life skills and consulting services.


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