“Staying calm in crunch situations will be a key factor for us in the Olympics,” says Indian Women’s Hockey Forward Navneet Kaur

Indian Women's Hockey Forward Navneet Kaur speaks about the aspects the Indian team is focusing on ahead of the Olympics



The Indian Women’s Hockey Team Forward Navneet Kaur, who has played 79 matches for the Indian team, expressed that the Indian team will need to find a way to stay calm in all crunch situations in order to think clearly while making key decisions during the Olympics. 

“We all have the skills and talent to take on the best in the world, however, making key decisions on the pitch is a crucial factor for any side. Therefore, it will be very important for us to stay calm during crunch situations and make decisions to the best of our abilities. Even one wrong pass could hurt us deeply, therefore, we have to ensure that we are thinking clearly and not making too many unforced errors on the pitch during the Olympics,” said Navneet.

 The 25-year-old added that the Indian team management is ensuring that all players are clear about their roles on the pitch as well.

“It’s very important for all of us to be clear about our roles on the pitch as there should be no confusion amongst the players on gameday. The Coaches and Captain have been ensuring that everyone knows about their roles and how they can execute their plans so that we coordinate well on the pitch during matches. The Olympics is going to be a big challenge for us, and we have to play at our absolute best to garner good results,” said the Forward.

While speaking about the Indian team’s training sessions, Navneet said, “We are carrying out high-intensity training at the moment. We try to simulate match situations during practice and give everything we have during training sessions. We are very confident about our abilities and it’s just about executing our plans properly on gameday. If we play to our potential, we will surely do very well in Tokyo.”


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