Taldykorgan to Host National Field Hockey Championship for Youth


Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan – From June 22 to June 29, Taldykorgan will be the vibrant hub for young athletes as it hosts the National Field Hockey Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This thrilling event will feature competitions among boys and girls born in 2008-2009 and younger, showcasing the future stars of Kazakhstani field hockey.

This championship promises an exciting week of intense matches, skillful play, and a celebration of youth sportsmanship. Teams from across the country will converge in Taldykorgan, bringing together the best young talents in the sport. The event aims to foster a spirit of competition, teamwork, and athletic excellence among the participants.

Spectators can look forward to a series of dynamic games as these young athletes demonstrate their prowess on the field. The championship not only highlights the growing popularity of field hockey in Kazakhstan but also serves as a crucial platform for identifying and nurturing the next generation of national players.

Local authorities and sports organizations have ensured that all necessary preparations are in place to host a successful and safe event. Enhanced safety measures and protocols will be implemented to ensure the well-being of all participants and attendees

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