Thailand and Indonesia got victory in Women’s Indoor Asia Cup 2022 Semifinals and would have the fight of final on 15th August


Thailand and Indonesia got victory in Semifinals and would have the fight of final on 15th August.

Women M19

Thailand (6) vs. Kazakhstan (0)

The first Semifinal of Women Indoor Asia Cup 2022 was scheduled today between Thailand and Kazakhstan.

In the first quarter of the match SAKULPITHAK Tikhamporn wearing 7th number shirt scored inaugural goal of the match at 6th minute of the match. Immediately after this TODKAEW Jiratchaya score another field goal at 7th minute of the match.

No Goal was scored in second quarter from the both teams. So at the end of the 1st half score was same as 2-0.

Third Quarter initiated with the Goal scored by DUANGWAO Wilawan at 21st minute of the match with Thai shirt number 4. Again after 3 minutes at 24th minute of the match DUANGWAO Wilawan scored her second goal to extend the lead of Thailand by 0-4. SAKULPITHAK Tikhamporn with shirt number 7 of Thailand also scored her second brilliant goal at 30th minute of the match.

In fourth quarter DUANGWAO Wilawan scored her third individual and 6th goal for Thailand to engrave the victory in first semifinal by 6-0 and Thailand Women Team reached in the final of Indoor Asia Cup Bangkok 2022.

The Player of the Match:


Shirt 7

Country Thailand


Women M20

Malaysia (0) vs. Indonesia (1)

The second thrilling Semifinal of Women Indoor Asia Cup 2022 held today between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Malaysia played very well in the tournament and was at the top of Pool B standing by keeping all 3 out 3 played match in the Malaysian bucket with +22 Goal difference and achieved 9 points.

While Indonesia also performed extraordinary in the Women Indoor Asia Cup 2022. By winning 3 matches and 1 draw out of 4 played matches in Pool A achieved 10 points.


Match was brilliantly played by both teams in till the end of the match both teams were defending perfectly.

The match winning field goal scored by WARDANI Desi of Indonesian shirt number 14 at 40th minute of the match to reach in the final. And Indonesia Women Team win the second semi final by 0-1.

The Player of the Match:

SINCE Novita

Shirt 9

Country Indonesia


Battle of Final will be in between Indonesia and Thailand on 15th August 2022.

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