The AHF General Meeting (AHF G.A) – held online – took place earlier today. The meeting was a huge success in terms of participation. In addition to the 100% participation of the delegates of member Asian National Association, several leaders of hockey from all over Asia participated in the meeting.

President AHF Dato Fumio Ogura, on behalf of Royal Patron AHF His Majesty Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah, warmly welcomed and thanked all the attendees for joining the session. He thanked all the National Associations who hosted the recently concluded AHF events.

The meeting thanked the AHF Partners and the AHF Leadership who extended their strong support to develop hockey in Asia. Newly elected office-bearers of the Asian National Associations were introduced and welcomed.

Different departments of the AHF presented the 2022 AHF progress update. Among the top achievements of the year 2022 were the delivery of nine AHF events in a short span of ten months, successful completion of 100+ development activities, the massive progress of AHF’s Digital World and the prestigious AHF awards presented to the hockey leadership all over Asia. The important role played by the special AHF Partners in all the events and development activities was also highlighted in detail with an exclusive gratitude to all the special partners on behalf of the Asian Hockey Family. Moreover, the appointments of Asian Officials in AHF as well as FIH events made during 2022 were also presented to the meeting. It was emphasized upon that the officials’ area needed exclusive attention and further improvement.

A guideline was presented about the FIH Congress coming up on the 4th/5th of November 2022. As a main feature of the meeting, all the National Associations were given the opportunity to address the meeting.

The NAs delegates and the other leaders from Asian Hockey Family, during their addresses, acknowledged and appreciated the achievements made by Dato Tayyab Ikram for the Asian Hockey Federation. He was applauded for his marvelous leadership to transform the Asian Hockey Federation into a fully grown professional organization.

National Association delegates vowed to stand united, keep solidarity and represent a united Asia.



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