The Asian Hockey Federation performs massive demonstration of “Give Peace a Chance”


The Asian Hockey Federation under the leadership of its chief Dato Tayyab Ikram performed a demonstration to join the rest of the sports world in raising voice for Global Peace and Solidarity.

On 20 March 2022 while the Indonesia Hockey Federation was hosting the magnanimous show of Men’s AHF Cup Jakarta 2022, the GBK Hockey Stadium’s lush Blue Turf got filled with the blazing Red and Blue AHF Shirts. A massive crowd from a vast hockey family of Jakarta, Indonesia and Asia gathered and that is how the Asian Hockey Family unanimously sent world a message of global peace and solidarity.

Dato’ Tayyab Ikram as the leader of the Asian Hockey Family addressed the masses and invited all the sporting world to join hands together with the International Olympic Committee under the leadership of President IOC Mr Bach to unite, promote and contribute to the global peace to the best of their abilities.

“Give Peace a Chance”

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