| The Minister of Sports honors the players of the National Hockey Team in the presence of the Board of Directors

*D Ashraf Sobhi: The Egyptian sport is living its best with its achievements in various competitions .

 And we continue to support and care for sports heroes to sustain achievements*
In light of his constant keenness to provide support to sporting heroes and motivate them to achieve sustainable achievements, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, the Minister of Youth and Sports, on Wednesday evening, a group of players and players of the National Archery, Badminton, Washo Kung Fu and Hockey teams.
The honor of the hockey team came to be honored for winning the fifth African Hockey Championship.
The honor was attended by the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Hockey Federation headed by Captain Sharif Kamal and the honorable members of the board along with the presidents of the sporting associations.
The Minister of Youth and Sports congratulated all the players and players of the national teams participating in the award for their sporting achievements in various forums with their determination and strong performance that they gave and impressed everyone with, and all with winning the Arab, continental and international championships.
Dr. Ashraf Sobhi confirmed that the Egyptian sport is living its best thanks to the big achievements it has achieved in various competitions in the light of the great support of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic for sporting champions, and the keenness to prepare the atmosphere for them, and to respond to their demands for the fruitful cooperation between the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Egyptian Olympic Committee and sporting associations.
“Continuing to support sporting heroes, patronize them achieve the Ministry’s vision for sustainability achievements, clinching Olympic medals at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris 2020,” the minister added.
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