Malaysia greeted us with a cloudy day where heavy rain was expected throughout the day and so it proved.


2022 Sultan of Johor Cup – DAY3

The first day of the game would be played between two world field hockey powerhouses who have been preparing for what is to be the 2023 World Cup. Both BLEBY Jon and STACY Jay spoke before the game and made it clear that they are looking for their players to get into a rhythm, for these younger players to have practice in international games and to condition themselves to the weather and high temperatures.


Great Britain had just lost their first match of the tournament against Japan, while Australia had won both matches, they played.

It is a fact that both teams have new players who are very young, who have not yet had so much practice in international matches, so both teams are in a transition where their coaches are looking to get the best out of them and show them what a tournament of this nature represents, playing with very high-level teams.

The team that best adapted to this was Australia that after 2 minutes of play managed to score the first goal of the match through BURNS Cooper who shot a backhand that inflated the net.

The match was delayed due to some lightning that appeared in the sky and continued heavy rains that did not allow the match to resume.

The match finally resumed and continued with a goal by ROBSON Ellis after 18 minutes of play to tie the game 1-1. While the players’ lack of concentration due to the delay and waiting was something that could happen, it was important to keep their heads in the game to make the most of it.

In a tough back-and-forth match, it was the Kookaburras who used their unbeaten record to gather their strength and get the better of the English team.

In the 27th minute, following an infringement, the referee called a penalty stroke which was executed by BROOKS Joshua and made it 2-1 to give his team the partial victory.

The team led by WILLIAMSON Conor did not make the job easy for Australia, trying all the time to move forward to tie the match, Australia defended in an orderly manner, and this was a benefit when it came to avoid another goal.

It was HART Liam who scored in the 48th minute to make the final score 3-1 and the yellow team accumulated another victory in the tournament, remaining as leaders in the standings. Great Britain on the other hand is third for now and needs to win the next match against the home team to stay in the top positions. Australia will play against India in a match that promises a lot of action.


Another match that was important on the third day of competition was the match between Japan and India. India was playing for their second place in the competition, while Japan needed to win again to climb up the standings.

The match started with a lot of rhythm for both teams, but it was India who took the lead and after only 3 minutes of play managed to make it 1-0 through SINGH Uttam who shot a missile to the goalkeeper’s right post, impossible to save.

Although Japan had an orderly way of attacking, they could not break the Indian defense. India meanwhile took advantage of a penalty corner that 17-year-old Rohit drag flicked into the net to put his team up 2-0. Japan did not want to be left behind and got their penalty corner and with time expired, SAEKI Ikumi converted the partial 2-1 to go to the break with a little more hope.

In the 21st minute of play, Purty Johnson launched an explosive shot from the edge of the circle that landed in the corner of the Japanese goalkeeper’s net to make it 3-1 for the team in blue. Ten minutes later, Dhami Boby Singh received an aerial flick that left him almost alone in the circle to put the ball in the goal and make it 4-1.

The Reds, on the other hand, played on the flanks, looking to attack through the spaces left by the Indian team, finding penalty corners and goal situations that they could not and could not score with accuracy. Their attitude was active throughout the match, but they were unable to score goals.

Already in the last quarter of the match Lakra Amandeep took charge of a penalty corner earned by his teammates, in which he shot a drag flick that ended up inflating the opposing net to put the 5-1 that was giving a comfortable victory to the team led by KUMAR C. R.

Japan fought until the end regardless of the result, and on the other hand India was looking for more goals until the last minute of the game.

Japan will play tomorrow against South Africa, while India will face top-ranked Australia.


Last match of the day between South Africa and the local team, Malaysia. The South Africans had just beaten India by one goal in a very tight match, so they would come to this match with a lot of strength to start winning and climb positions. On the other hand, Malaysia lost both matches they played and in today’s match they wanted to give a surprise to leave the last place in the table.

The match started 30 minutes late, so the teams were very anxious to enter the field. Both teams started orderly, trying to attack through the spaces that the rival left free. In the first minutes of the match, the game was very even and both teams had chances to score, but neither could score.

Malaysia was counting on the fans who were cheering them on match after match, trying to encourage their team to achieve their first victory in this tournament.

However, in the 23rd minute, after a penalty corner, DAVIS Calvin found a rebound to take a shot that went through the goalkeeper’s legs and made it 1-0 for his team. 1 minute later at the 24th minute of play, MAMAT Muhammad also took advantage of a penalty corner to score the first goal of the game with a drag flick to tie the game 1-1.

At the 35th minute of play after the first half, SIMONS Marvin made it 2-1 to start the second half with the partial victory.

With an extraordinary individual play by NGUBANE Senzwesihle, the team’s captain, managed to make a back pass for le FORESTIER Cameron to score to make it 3-1 at 53 minutes.

South Africa will play against Japan tomorrow, while Malaysia will play against Great Britain.

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