“Train The Trainers” Program by PHF



“Pakistan Hockey Federation is going to introduce Coach Capacity Building Program. PHF has developed a roadmap for new coaches, including testing, enhancing and categorizing the potential of coaches through Level One, Level Two and Level Three courses. Departmental, provincial and district coaches from all over Pakistan will participate, coaching courses will also include support from FIH and Asian Hockey Federation” says Secretary-General Pakistan Hockey Federation Olympian Asif Bajwa.

According to the details, the Pakistan Hockey Federation has designed a roadmap for new coaches including testing, enhancing and categorizing the talents of coaches. In this regard, instructions are being issued to all the affiliated units of the Pakistan Hockey Federation to participate in the Level Three Coaching Course. With the support of FIH and AHF, a program is being launched to improve the capacity of coaches, including the curriculum development for coaching courses. “These courses will allow new coaches to come forward and perform, as well as test, evaluate, improve and categorize existing coaches. While talking in this regard, Secretary General Pakistan Hockey Federation Olympian Asif Bajwa said that the coaches who perform best from level three will be promoted to level two and then to level one And it will continue to do so in order to bring our grassroots level and international hockey level coaching standards on a par. He said that a regular coaching curriculum would also be prepared in this regard So that all the coaches can be trained according to the international coaching standard pattern. At the grassroots level, players will have the opportunity to learn basic hockey skills, physical training and modern hockey techniques in an accurate manner and to showcase their skills according to the standards of international hockey.


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