Trophy Unveiling and Meet the Captain Ceremony

Men’s AHF Cup Jakarta 2022


The Men’s AHF Cup Jakarta 2022 Trophy Unveiling and Meet the Captain ceremony was held today on 10 March at the Sultan Hotel Jakarta Indonesia.

The ceremony was attended by the Team Officials, the Team Managers, and the Team Captains of all the participating teams, which included Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Oman, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Uzbekistan.

The ceremony was honored by the participation from the special guests which included the President of Indonesia Hockey Federation (FHI) Mr Mayjend TNI AD Budi Sulistijiono, the Secretary General of the Indonesia Hockey Federation (FHI) Mr Yasser Arafat Suaidy, President Oman Hockey Association Dr Marwan Juma al Juma, Executive Member of Indonesia NOC Mr Indra Gamulya, the Tournament Chairman Mr Ardi Pulungan and the Head of Indonesian Umpires Ms Weini.

The special representation by the Asian Hockey Federation was made by the presence of Dato’ Tayyab Ikram, Chief Executive of Asian Hockey Federation.

All the team captains and the team managers, team officials and all the other honorable guests with teams were offered a very special reception during the ceremony.

The ceremony formally opened with the President FHI welcoming all the guests, managers, teams, officials and the tournament itself. He offered his gratitude for the opportunity to host Men’s AHF Cup Jakarta 2022.

Dato Tayyab Ikram thanked Indonesia for hosting the Men’s AHF Cup 2022. He mentioned that the tournament will revive the legacy of the 2018 Asian Games which had been hosted by Indonesia at the same venue where this tournament is being held. He then thanked all the teams for their efforts to defeat the COVID in the form of making AHF Cup 2022 a reality. He praised The Indonesian NOC for their help with the activation of hockey in Indonesia.

Indonesia Hockey Association President was presented with the Hosting Certificate for the Men’s AHF Cup Jakarta 2022.

Mr Indra Gamulya – the Executive Member of Indonesia NOC – was presented with a special memento from the Asian Hockey Federation.

The beautiful trophy was unveiled by the special guests and the team captains. There was a press briefing at the end of the session.

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