Uzbekistan NOC celebrates its 32nd founding anniversary


The National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan celebrated its 32nd anniversary on Sunday, January 21, by warmly congratulating all the stakeholders in the Olympic movement in the country.


The Uzbekistan NOC was established on January 21, 1992.


“It has been exactly 32 years since the establishment of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan. On the occasion of today’s date, the NOC warmly congratulates all the participants of the Olympic movement in the country, sports federations and associations, our athletes and their coaches, and supporters of a healthy lifestyle,” the NOC stated on its Instagram page.


“The NOC has been working to promote the pure and noble values of Olympism and healthy lifestyle in our country during this period,” the NOC added.


The Uzbekistan NOC was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 1993. Since this date, Uzbekistan has sent sporting delegations to seven Summer Olympics and eight Winter Olympic Games.


“At the moment, all the attention of our Committee is focused on the thorough preparation of our athletes for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games this summer, with the direct support of the state,” the NOC said.


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