Uzbekistan qualifies for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games Qualifier – The Hangzhou Asian Games

International Olympic Committee Olympic Solidarity DNSS plays key role in improving the sports structure from bottom to top


Uzbekistan National Men’s Hockey Team put up a splendid show of action and performance in Men’s Asian Games Qualifiers held in Bangkok Thailand from 5 – 15 May 2022. With a performance of great endeavour, the team were able to win their qualification in the Hangzhou Asian Games beating a massive competition. The Hangzhou Asian Games will serve as the qualifier to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Uzbekistan Hockey Federation made great efforts to prepare their team and to make them eligible to compete against the international teams of much greater standards in comparison. The formation of the team and their preparation involved a great input which was achieved by the massive support from the IOC Olympic Solidarity DNSS, AHF pitch project and the International Olympic Committee’s support to Uzbekistan Hockey. The Uzbekistan Hockey, Asian Hockey Federation and the International Hockey Federation admire the great support of International Olympic Committee to the hockey world and especially Uzbekistan. The international hockey leadership and the Uzbekistan hockey extend their gratitude to International Olympic Committee and they admire the good work of Uzbekistan Hockey to improve their structures and their team. The International Hockey Federation will continue its support to Uzbekistan through the International Olympic Committee Olympic Solidarity DNSS projects.

The NOC Uzbekistan played a vital role in this huge progress of hockey in Uzbekistan. Without the support of the NOC Uzbekistan it would indeed have not been possible to achieve the current level for the National Team of Uzbekistan and the Uzbekistan Hockey. The International Hockey Federation, The Asian Hockey Federation and exclusively the Chief Executive of the Asian Hockey Federation Dato Tayyab Ikram extend their gratitude to the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan for their valuable interest in development of hockey in Uzbekistan with high hopes for their extended support in the future as well.

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