Vice-President Asian Hockey Federation Dato’ Seri Chaiyapak Siriwat offers his gratitude to the Asian Hockey Federation and the Asian Hockey Fraternity


Vice-President Asian Hockey Federation Dato’ Seri Chaiyapak Siriwat paid his tribute to the AHF and Asian Hockey Fraternity during his recent address.

He contributed with his words as follows,

“The Asian Hockey Federation has done an excellent job throughout the difficult days of the pandemic. Now that we have come a long way since the initial outburst of the pandemic and the life has somewhat normalized, I would like to take this opportunity to exclusively thank the Asian hockey fraternity and the Asian Hockey Federation who strived to keep hockey alive even when they were confined to their homes. Not only did the AHF manage to keep hockey active but we saw a massive development during that time as well. Online engagement was introduced which engaged masses, and its huge success and demand made it a permanent feature of AHF development projects. I also admire the distribution of hockey equipment, in big numbers, among our under-privileged hockey-loving national associations. I confidently and thankfully say that we transformed the negative impacts of the pandemic into a successful development of hockey in Asia. I thank the Asian hockey fraternity and Asian Hockey Federation for making all of this possible.”

He further said, “The development of hockey in the region and the continent is our utmost priority. I believe that good service to hockey will be making it a permanent feature of SEA Games with all its formats for which I am dearly striving. It is my prime objective to glorify hockey in the South East Asian region.”


AHF Vice President, Dato Seri Chaiyapak Siriwat was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Southeast Asian Games Federation Office on 9th July 2020. Dato Seri is currently serving as an illustrious sports leader of dignified global esteem.


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