Women’s Junior AHF Cup 2022 – DAY 3


After a day of rest, the matches resumed at the Taldykorgan Hockey Stadium, in Kazakhstan.

On this third day of the tournament important matches were played to start defining positions for what will be the qualifying phase to know who will reach the semifinals and finals of this competition.

Uzbekistan 1 vs Indonesia 1

The first match of the day was between the fourth and fifth place teams in the standings so far. Indonesia had just lost their last match while Uzbekistan had drawn only 1 point from their last match on Thursday, October 13.

It was expected to be an even match as both teams had similar playing characteristics.

The match was dominated by Indonesia, who scored their first and only goal after 13 minutes of play, which kept them in the lead for most of the match.

Although the number of cards reflected the pace of the match, the victory was for the team led by RAJ Dhaarma, but it was in the 48th minute that the team led by KHASANBOEVA Zulfiyakhon after much trying managed to get the equalizer by player number 13 YUSUPOVA Robiyakhonoim.

With that tie the match ended and neither team could take advantage of the other.

The best player of the match was RONSUMBRE Paulina, the most experienced player of this young team.

Indonesia will play against the first team in this tournament Chinese Taipei, while the girls in blue will play against the last team in the table, Tajikistan next Monday, October 17.

Tajikistan 0 vs Hong Kong China 12

The second match of the day was between Tajikistan and Hong Kong China. The third in the table against the team that occupies the last position in the table with 0 points.

It should be noted that Tajikistan is making its first appearance in this tournament, where it is acquiring a lot of paces of play on the international scene by measuring itself with powers in junior field hockey such as Hong Kong China.

The match was marked from the first moment of the game with the rhythm of Arifali’s team. They managed to score 12 goals during the whole game, marking a superiority over their rival.

The goals were scored by CORDERO Zamara Bibi x 2, LEE Wing Yeung x 1, captain CHUI Hay Yan (C) x 2, WONG Hui Yau x 1, P’NG Jing Qi Sheryl x 1, CORDERO Soufia x 1, WANG Caitlin Xiao Lan x 1, WONG Valerie x 2, MANN Emily x 1. Almost all the players who entered the field managed to score 1 or more goals.

Hong Kong China managed to gain confidence and prepare for the next match against Kazakhstan, second in the table. On the other hand, the team led by AKULOVA Ughiloi continues to gain confidence and settle in a tournament that is extremely useful for the growth of the whole team.

The best player of the match was CORDERO Soufia, the 19-year-old player who managed to score her first goal today.

Chinese Taipei 2 vs Kazakhstan 0

The third and final match of the day was between Chinese Taipei and Kazakhstan, a match that promised a lot of action and so it was. The first and second of the table faced each other to define positions in what is beginning to be the defining phase of the semifinals and finals to be played next week.

The yellow team had won both games they played, while the red team managed to consolidate their first place with today’s game, winning the 3 games they played.

Although there was a lot of action in this match between both teams, the first goal did not take long to arrive as in the first minute of play HUANG Yu-Ting scored the first goal (the fourth for her in this tournament) and the most important to start this difficult match.

Although both teams had chances to score, both goalkeepers did a fantastic job to prevent that from happening, covering each of their goals very well. It was then that in the 15th minute of play LAI Ya-Han managed to score the second goal for CHANG Chun-Hsiu’s team.

This disconcerted the young players of Kazakhstan who could not manage to come back, even though they had options, but without being able to convert the goal to get back to the team that is above them in the table.

It was a very expected match as positions would be defined, and a lot of action was expected, but finally the match went to the team led by KU Chen-Yi.

The girls in yellow will have a difficult match on Monday, October 17, where they will have to face Hong Kong China, who are third in the table and only 2 points behind them in this Junior AHF Cup. While the leaders of this tournament will play against Indonesia trying to consolidate their first place, while the girls in white will try to give the surprise to look for a better position in this turbulent table of positions.

The best player of the match was WANG Yu-Chiu, the 16-year-old player who is trying to find her place in the team, having already scored 2 goals in this tournament.

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