SAF Games 2016 And it’s a wrap…

The SAF Games 2016 come to an end today

16 February 2016

The SAF Games 2016 come to an end today, the 16th of February 2016. The hockey matches however, concluded on the 12th, with India playing in both the Men’s and Women’s Hockey Finals. The final tally for the Hockey matches is shown below.

Team-Women Score Winner
India Vs. Nepal 24-1 India
Sri Lanka Vs. India 1-12 India
Nepal Vs. Sri Lanka 0-15 Sri Lanka
India Vs. Sri Lanka 10-0 India


Team-Men Score Winner
Pakistan Vs. Sri Lanka 3-0 Pakistan
India Vs. Bangladesh 4-1 India
Bangladesh Vs. Sri Lanka 2-0 Bangladesh
Pakistan Vs. India 2-1 Pakistan
Bangladesh Vs. Pakistan 0-6 Pakistan
India Vs. Sri Lanka 3-0 India
India Vs. Pakistan 0-1 Pakistan

The Women’s Hockey final was held between India and Sri Lanka. The Indian team made it very difficult for their Sri Lankan counterparts to score a goal. Rani Rampal came out on top as the star player as she scored four goals for her team. The Sri Lankan team, despite their efforts to win the match, was not successful in doing so as the Indian team was in full preparation for the Olympics to be held in Rio, later in the year. Thus, it came as little surprise when the Indian team defeated the Sri Lankans with 10 goals against their team. Consequentially, Nepal took home bronze, Sri Lanka silver and India came out on top with gold!

The most anticipated Men’s Hockey match of the tournament was held on the 12th of February as India and Pakistan faced each other in the hockey stadium of Guwahati. It was very exciting to see the Indian and Pakistani hockey teams pitted against one another in yet again another final of the South Asian Games. It turned out to be a very interesting final indeed. Pakistan managed to score a goal in the first half, thanks to Owais-ur -Rehman. This single goal proved to pave the way for the Pakistani team to a win in the finals. Unfortunately, India was not able to replicate its win, similar to the one in the Women’s Final. During the second half, both teams failed to score a goal. However, this no goal half turned out to be in Pakistan’s favor and ultimately led Pakistan to its victory in the hockey finals of the SAF games 2016. Pakistan took home the gold medal, India silver while Bangladesh clinched the bronze.

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