New beginnings – Champions go on to play in Round 2

From among the men's hockey teams, China and Sri Lanka, winners of the gold and silver medals respectively, have advanced to Round 2.

20 April 2016

The first Round 1 tournament of Hockey World League 2016/17 has come to an end in Singapore but this is just the beginning of the league which spans over almost two years, as HWL continues through 2016 and 2017. The 2016/17 edition of the Hockey World League is a platform through which hockey teams from all countries of the world have a chance to qualify for the 2018 Hockey World Cup.

From among the men’s hockey teams, China and Sri Lanka, winners of the gold and silver medals respectively, have advanced to Round 2. Both teams have shown us spectacular hockey skills in the Sengkang Stadium in Singapore.

China proved to be a strong contender from the first match of the Round 1 event in Singapore, moving smoothly through the rest of the matches, winning each one with ease. The Chinese team was undoubtedly the big favorite in the competition and high expectations were in place for the team to qualify for the next round.

The Sri Lankan team also gave a stellar performance. Despite being ranked as low as 42nd in the current FIH World Rankings, the team performed remarkably, going on to win the silver medal at the event. Even in the final, Sri Lanka gave China a tough match which led to a draw which could only be resolved by a shoot-out.

Looking at the women’s champions, three teams are going on to participate in Round 2 of Hockey World League 2016/17. Thailand, Kazakhstan and Singapore are the three lucky teams. The women’s competition in Singapore followed a round-robin format, with each team playing each other once, and the league table determining final rankings.

Thailand proved to be the star team, winning all six of their matches. Striker Tikhamporn Sakunpithak was the key player behind the victories claimed by Thailand, scoring a total of 13 goals in six matches. Kazakhstan finished in second place, having won four of their six matches, while the third and final spot on the podium was taken up by the host team from Singapore who were also able to record four wins.

Round 1 Final standings

1: China
2: Sri Lanka
3: Thailand
4: Singapore
5: Hong Kong
6: Kazakhstan
7: Myanmar
8: Brunei
9: Vietnam
1: Thailand
2: Kazakhstan
3: Singapore
4: Hong Kong
5: Sri Lanka
6: Brunei
7: Cambodia

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