Advance Umpires Course Report, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Beneficial courses like these help athletes reach their optimal performance!

8 June 2016

The Advance Umpires Course was conducted from 16 May to 21 May, 2016 at the Moulana Bhashani Hockey Stadium, Dhaka. The opening of the course was officiated by the Vice President, Khaja Rahmatullah. There were 25 participants involved by Amarjit Singh, FIH Umpire Manager and Coach Educator.

A practical session was also conducted on the pitch to familiarize the candidates with their new positioning and some areas that they had been struggling before, on specific standard of procedures and general rules.

Each day match analysis sessions were held to develop the fundamentals of the sport. Daily video analysis of matches which can provide a training boost for individual and team competitions. The analysis of video from live action and training exercises, and the results of their careful analyses provide helpful feedback for the athletes

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