The prestigious annual FIH Awards will be presented later this year at the FIH Congress Meeting New Dehli India. The nominations process has started and is due to be completed by the 30th of June 2018. Nominations are being accepted by the FIH and for more details on the nominations please visit FIH Official Website. A number of awards are presented to National Associations, Hockey Professionals, athletes, and anyone associated with the glamorous sport of Hockey.

The awards as below (Source: FIH Official Website):

The Pablo Negre Trophy*
The Pablo Negre Trophy is presented to a National Association that has made a significant mark either through innovative programmes and initiatives or by embracing the spirit of hockey through exceptional sportsmanship.

Guust Lathouwers Memorial Trophy
This award celebrates an individual who has made an outstanding contribution towards the development of umpires. The nomination for this award comes via the umpiring committee and will be revealed on the night.

Theo Ykema Award
The Theo Ykema Award is presented to a National Association who has inspired, developed and enriched hockey in its homeland through projects and initiatives.

Etienne Glichitch Award
Presented to an individual, National Association or Continental Federation who has developed hockey through innovative ideas or the professionalisation of their organisation.

The Super Fair Play Trophy Rene G Frank
The Super Fair Play Trophy Rene G Frank is awarded to a team or individual who has upheld the spirit of hockey and shown exemplary sportsmanship on and off the field.

HRH Sultan Azlan Shah Award
The HRH Sultan Azlan Shah Award acknowledges actions and achievements of individuals within both hockey and their professional careers.

In addition to the above awards, four awards for individuals will also be presented. These awards are the Order of MeritDiploma of Merit  and Honorary Member. They each recognize and celebrate outstanding commitment and contribution to hockey by an individual.


Below are some worthy mentions of Asian representation in previous award ceremonies:

Order of Merit: Tan Sri Alagendra (MAS) 2014

President’s Award: Narinder Bhatra (IND) 2014

Theo Ykema Award: Thailand 2012 Myanma 2010

Sultan Azlan Shah Award: Fumio Ogura 2016

For the complete list of awards visit.

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